New MLBB 1v1 Card Game Mode "Arena"

New MLBB 1v1 Card Game Mode "Arena"

John Dave Rossel
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  • MLBB Teased a new game mode.
  • MLBB's new game mode is a 1v1 Card Collection Game.
  • MLBB's new game mode will be released this Nov. 27, 2020.

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang (MLBB) has just released a teaser for a new 1v1 card collection based game mode. The game mode features Real Time Strategy (RTS) and Trading Card Game (TCG) elements combined with iconic monsters and heroes from MLBB. The graphics look similar to their previous game mode: “Magic Chess,” but it has completely new mechanics.

What is this new game mode?

The goal of this new MLBB game mode is to dominate and destroy the opponent's commanders using your own set of heroes, monsters and spells in under three minutes or less. You’ll use cards in order to summon them on your side of the field and each of them have different stats and abilities.

The diamond shaped arena is divided into two sections, each controlled by one player with their little commander. You are only allowed to summon monsters and heroes on your side of the field. 

You’ll use blue shards which regenerate every three seconds to summon your own monsters or surprise your opponent with spells. Once you summon monsters, they will automatically march forward and attack the enemy team and you won’t be able to control them.

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New MLBB 1v1 Card Game Mode "Arena"
Credits: Mobile Legends: Bang BangOnce you spend enough shards, you’ll receive purple essence which will allow you to summon heroes that are much stronger than monsters or spells. Again, you won’t be able to control your heroes once you summon them so proper timing and positioning is required.

Making Your Own Deck In MLBB's Newest Game Mode

Every card game has a deck building mechanic, and this game mode has it too. You’ll be able to build your own deck, strategy and playstyle. Players who are new to this type of system can access the deck recommendations which provides easy access to pre-built decks to help them get started. A good deck and a playstyle that compliments it is the best strategy to dominate in this game mode.

New MLBB 1v1 Card Game Mode "Arena"
Credits: Mobile Legends: Bang Bang

More cards can be earned through ranking up, victory chests and by using diamonds or battle points in the summoning section. Take note that you may get duplicates of cards you already have.

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New MLBB 1v1 Card Game Mode "Arena"
Credits: Elgin Youtube

Once you have enough card duplicates, you can upgrade heroes and improve their stats giving you the edge you need in building your own deck and deciding your playstyle.

The game mode has been teased in the advanced server of MLBB for a while now and it made fans hyped up for its initial release. Right now it’s only accessible on the advanced server but will soon be released for a limited time on November 27 on the regular servers. 

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