Nova Esports Reveals Wild Rift Esports Roster


Nova Esports Reveals Wild Rift Esports Roster

John Dave Rossel
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  • Nova Esports has announced their new Wild Rift Roster.
  • The team is primarily made up of Former Arena of Valor professionals
  • Several esports organizations has already signed competitive rosters for Wild Rift.

Wild Rift has gained a lot of media attention ever since its open beta launch. Many different esports organizations have already started to prepare for a competitive scene, which is yet to be announced by Riot Games. Nova Esports is the latest organization that is hoping to get a head start by signing a professional Wild Rift team before a proper competitive circuit is established.

Nova Esports Signs A Wild Rift Roster

On Nov. 6, 2020, Nova Esports made a post on its Twitter account saying “Count us in!, Nova @wildrift Division” along with an image of silhouettes of their team roster. This sparked fans’ curiosity with many speculating on the composition of the lineup.

Nova Esports then made a follow-up announcement on Nov. 18, 2020, finally revealing their complete roster for Wild Rift Esports. They have picked up many former Arena of Valor (AOV) professional athletes and content creators to form this lineup.

Credits: Nova Esports

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The team is composed of players who competed in the Valor Series European championships including Vex, GrizzlyQ, Vladyslav “Poseidon” Maksymchuk, Duc “Darkbreaker” Hieu Nguyen, and Miguel “Clemares” Lopez. Top Europe AOV player “Ruiz” and AOV/ Wild Rift Streamer “Knight” will also be joining them. Along with their announcement, they also added a promotional video showcasing their esports team members for Wild Rift. 

Nova Esports Players need to transition from AOV to Wild Rift

Most of the Nova Esports team members are former professional AOV players. Transitioning from one game to another might be difficult but not entirely impossible, given that they have enough time to get comfortable with Wild Rift. 

Ruiz and Knight have already started playing Wild Rift and even have streamed the game. GrizzlyQ has already proven himself capable and ‘mains’ the “support” role in the game. Darkbreaker has also started streaming Wild Rift content. 

Wild Rift is still in its Open Beta, but this hasn’t stopped esports organizations from building their own professional esports teams as early as they possibly can. 

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Wild Rift is Riot’s latest mobile title. Initially teased in 2019, before finally being launched in the form of a regional open beta in October 2020. Riot Games promised an authentic League of Legends experience, porting its champions from the PC version onto the mobile platform.

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