MLBB: Manny Pacquiao Will be Coming to Mobile Legends

MLBB: Manny Pacquiao Will be Coming to Mobile Legends

John Dave Rossel
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  • Moonton teases MLBB content featuring a Filipino Boxer who will likely be Manny Pacquiao.
  • MLBB Advanced Server reveals a hero named "Paquito".
  • Manny Pacquiao X MLBB Press Conference will be held in Nov. 21, 2020 at 7PM (PST).

Moonton has been looking for ways to surprise its players with something new and exciting things for their game. What better way to surprise its Filipino fans by adding the Filipino boxing legend, Manny Pacquiao to Mobile Legends: Bang Bang(MLBB).

MLBB: Manny Pacquiao Will be Coming to Mobile Legends
Manny Pacquiao is perhaps the most famous athlete in the Philippines.
Image By Sunil Grover via Wikicommons

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Teasers and Speculation of Manny Pacquiao being added to Mobile Legends

The hype started when the MLBB Facebook page posted an image of a newspaper with the headline “SOMETHING BIG IS COMING!,” along with a picture of a hooded man beside it. The post also had a heavy emphasis on the letter “M”, indicating that it had something to do with the letter “M”.

The next hint and probably the most obvious hint of all is when the MLBB Facebook page posted a short video clip featuring boxing gloves with their game logo printed in the wrist area along with a close-up shot of a boxing ring and the iconic voice of the popular ring announcer “Michael Buffer". The announcer then said “Reigning and defending WBO welterweight champion of the world, the fighting pride of the Philippines”. The boxing gloves then punch the screen, interrupting the announcer. The post heavily suggests that it’s referring to a Filipino Boxer and is a WBO welterweight champion, which makes it likely for Manny Pacquiao to be added to the game.

MLBB's Facebook page also posted an image of someone’s silhouette wearing boxing gloves with their logo on it with the caption “A LEGEND IS COMING. ARE YOU READY,” referring to the man in the image as the “Big M”. MLBB stated that “Big M” is a new ambassador for the game.

As a result, it was speculated that MLBB would be adding Manny Pacquiao as either a new skin or a new hero. 

MLBB Advanced Server Leaks

A bunch of videos were also circulated on the internet about a new boxer inspired hero named “Paquito” in the advanced server of MLBB. The advanced server is where they release and let players test their new champions so they can balance or make changes to it before officially releasing to the regular servers. New heroes in the advanced servers aren’t official releases, so things might change. 

MLBB: Manny Pacquiao Will be Coming to Mobile Legends
Credits: Mobile Legends: Bang Bang

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The Big Reveal

MLBB Youtube Channel has posted a premiere on Nov. 21 titled “Manny Pacquiao X MLBB Press Conference” and will commence at 7 PM (PHT). The description states that “Manny Pacquiao joins MLBB!!  It is not a secret anymore!“. They also revealed that Pacquiao is indeed the new ambassador of the game but that still doesn’t reveal if he will appear in the game as a skin or a new hero. Whether Pacquiao will be in the game as a skin or a playable hero is still a mystery, at least until the conference starts.

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