SouL Mortal To Take A Break From Competitive PUBG Mobile


SouL Mortal To Take A Break From Competitive PUBG Mobile

Vignesh Raghuram
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  • Mortal announces that he will no longer play competitive PUBG Mobile with Team SouL.
  • The Indian star is taking a break from competitive play.
  • He states that he will become a sixth person, a mentor for the team when the game returns.

With the imminent return of PUBG Mobile back to India, the PUBG Mobile esports tournaments are also set to resume in full flow. So professional teams and players have already started making plans about their immediate future. One of India’s most beloved players Mortal has announced his future plans regarding esports.

On his stream, Mortal stated that he will not be immediately making a return to playing competitive PUBG Mobile when the game makes it return.

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Mortal To Become a Mentor For Team SouL

Mortal is one of the first true PUBG Mobile superstars in India, boasting a legion of fans. He was the first esports player to capture the hearts of the fans by winning the first two official Indian PUBG Mobile tournaments back-to-back alongside Team SouL.

SouL Mortal To Take A Break From Competitive PUBG Mobile
Team SouL and Mortal lift the PMIS 2019 trophy

In a recent stream, the player announced that he was stepping down as the IGL of Team SouL and was taking a break from competitive play. He also stated that he was planning to become a mentor in his team and become “the sixth person” of the team.

According to the player, this decision was made keeping in mind the best interests of Team SouL and his family. 

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Mortal’s Esports History With Team SouL

2019 - The rise of Team SouL:

Mortal and Team SouL were the first real superstars of the Indian PUBG Mobile esports scene, winning the PMIS 2019 and the PMCO 2019 - Spring Split: India. Subsequently, the team managed to finish in 12th place at the PMCO 2019 - Spring Split Global Finals which included a memorable Chicken Dinner in front of the global audience.

They closed out the year with a 2nd place finish at the PMCO 2019 - Fall Split: South Asia and a few other Top 12 finishes in global tournaments.

2020 - A difficult year

It has been quite a turbulent year for Team SouL with multiple roster shuffles and frequent IGL changes which have caused them to regress. The team simply couldn’t replicate the success they had seen in 2019. Mortal was forced to take up the IGL role upon which Team SouL showed signs of getting back to their previous form. 

However, the ban of PUBG Mobile threw wrench at these plans.

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With Mortal taking a step back, it will be interesting to see whom Team SouL picks up after the game returns. The full details of the new Team SouL roster are yet to be revealed.

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