Playing Wild Rift On An Emulator Might Get You Banned

Playing Wild Rift On An Emulator Might Get You Banned

Vignesh Raghuram
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  • Riot Games recently banned popular streamer Cowsep from Wild Rift for using "prohibited third-party programs"
  • The player used to play the game on an emulator, which might be considered as a third-party app.

Wild Rift players who were thinking of playing the Mobile MOBA on an emulator might want to reconsider it. Riot Games is banning users who are using “prohibited third-party programs,” which might include emulator programs that players use to play the game on PC. 

Already one popular Wild Rift streamer has already been blocked from the game with many speculating that this ban was caused due to the use of an emulator to play the game.

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Playing Wild Rift On An Emulator = Banned?

Currently, in the regions where Wild Rift is in Open Beta, the game can be played on PC using various third party emulators. Popular streamer Joseph Osceola "Cowsep" Hursey played Wild Rift using this method.

Recently, Cowsep was banned from the mobile game, with Riot Games citing the use of “third-party software” as the reason for the ban. Cowsep was also not able to access his League of Legends (PC) account as a result.

Although he personally does not think that this was the reason for his ban, many have speculated that the emulator used to play Wild Rift was the “third party software” which was the reason behind Riot Games’ ban.

Playing Wild Rift On An Emulator Might Get You Banned
Cowsep does not think that using an emulator caused this ban

Emulators are often used by mobile MOBA players as an alternative if they don't want to use or don't have an adequate Smartphone device. It is very likely that Riot Games considers the emulator to be a third party application that provides PC players with an unfair advantage and hence issued the ban.

However, it has not been confirmed that this is the primary reason behind the ban. The Wild Rift community has also speculated that the use of a VPN might be the cause of this ban since Riot recently cut off Wild Rift access for VPN users. 

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However, this is very unlikely since other players using VPNs to play the game have not faced any repercussions.

At the time of writing, there is still no additional information about the cause of this permanent ban. But for now, if you have worked hard to increase your rank or have bought the latest K/DA skin, it's best if you don't play Wild Rift using emulators, VPNs, or other third-party applications until things become much clearer.

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