What Are PUBG Mobile Content Creators Playing Since the Ban?

What Are PUBG Mobile Content Creators Playing Since the Ban?

Shounak Sengupta
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  • Indian PUBG Mobile content creators have had to play other titles since the game was banned in the country.
  • Games like Free Fire, Call of Duty: Mobile and Fall Guys seem to have been a hit.

It’s been 10 days since the Government of India announced their decision to ban 118 mostly Chinese apps from India including PUBG Mobile. With over 30M players in the country and a community of streamers, tournament organizers and content creators suddenly finding themselves without their favorite source of entertainment, many have had to resort to playing other titles. In what has to be a very important time in the Indian gaming and esports landscape, popular streamers who have built their core fanbase on the back of PUBG Mobile are now actively playing other titles and trying to figure out what would life without their favorite game look like. While there is a very realistic possibility of the game being unbanned, as of now, there is no actual timeline for the same. We take a look at what some of PUBG Mobile’s more popular content creators have been up to since the ban … 

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Dynamo is the biggest PUBG Mobile content creator in the world and has paved the way for countless others. While he is primarily known for his PUBG Mobile content and hasn’t been too experimental in the past, of late Dynamo has begun GTA V streams. Since the ban, he has mostly played Call of Duty: Mobile with a couple of PC titles such as Pacify, Fall Guys and GTA V inbetween.


The darling of the Indian PUBG Mobile community and the owner of Team Soul, MortaL is a prolific streamer who was recently nominated for the Esports Awards 2020. It took him a long time to try games apart from PUBG Mobile, but earlier this year Mortal began experimenting with different genres and platforms. Since the ban, Mortal has played VALORANT, Among Us, Fall Guys and even a little bit of CS:GO. He has also been open to play single player titles such as Detroit and Sub-Nautica during this time. 


By far the most diverse content creator, Sc0utOP has always streamed PC and console titles with the similar frequency as PUBG Mobile. While the game was his bread and butter, one would think that as a streamer the ban would hurt him the least since he has already crafted a persona around being a variety streamer. Since the ban, Scout has played a host of titles on almost all platforms including Rocket League, Deceit, Red Dead Redemption 2, Avengers and Free Fire.  

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With over 1.5 Million subscribers, Jonathan has successfully managed to convert his PUBG Mobile success into a massive follower base. While he too would largely stream the title that he built his brand on, the ban has forced him to look for alternatives such as GTA V, Deceit, Call of Duty: Mobile and Getting Over It.

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