[WATCH] - The PMPL MYSG Production Was The Best We've Seen

Shounak Sengupta
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  • PMPL MYSG Production has been quite impressive to see.
  • The organizers have used Unreal Technology to bring a futuristic look and feel to the event.
  • Team Secret are currently leading the table and are poised to win the league stage next week.

While PUBG Mobile continues to be banned in India for a week now, elsewhere the game’s global esports circuit is in full swing. PMCOs and PMPLs are taking place across the world as the hunt for the new world champion is on. In Southeast Asia, the various divisions of the PUBG Mobile Pro League have begun and the Malaysia and Singapore division has some of the coolest production that we’ve seen across esports. 

With Covid-19 forcing most esport events to take place online, audiences and players have all complained about the LAN experience. However, there is little that can be done as player and staff safety is of utmost importance. Despite the limitations, PMPL MYSG has shown some of the best production across all of the divisions and it is mighty impressive even when compared to what we’ve seen in some of the more globally established esport titles.

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PMPL MYSG Has Some of the Best Production we've seen

The PMPL MYSG broadcast takes place from one of the coolest looking virtual studios that you'll see and is backed with so top tier music and production. The production is being handled by a Malaysian esports firm called IO Esports who have incorporated Unreal Engine technology to bring forward some really wholesome watching experience. The futuristic look and feel of the studio is just a glimpse of where esports production can be, a few years down the line. 

PMPL MYSG kicked off on August 19 and three out of the four gameweeks of the league stage has been played out. Defending champions, Team Secret have had a stellar run and are poised to be crowned the league stage champions after this week's games. The team is currently leading the pack with a 147 points and have been able to be the best team in each of the three weeks that have been played out. The tournament features 24 teams, 16 of whom will move onto the PMPL MYSG Finals. From there, teams will head to the SEA Finals and then the World Championship. More details on slot allocation and qualification are to be revealed. 

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While PUBG Mobile has had a rough going in the last week, with the game being banned in India, it's great to see the title continue to thrive in other regions and the efforts put in by organizers to make the viewing experience better with each passing season. 

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