The 5 Most Popular PUBG Mobile Content Creators

The 5 Most Popular PUBG Mobile Content Creators

Shounak Sengupta
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Mobile gaming has exploded onto the video gaming scene in the last year or so and made a space of itself in the streaming industry. The ease of access, lower barrier of entry and relatively cheaper access to premier games has also allowed an entire demographic to experience titles that they were not even familiar with and made the world of games a much bigger place. Leading the charge are some of the top content creators who have help popularized the games and have made a name for themselves in the world of YouTube. One of the top games in the mobile category is PUBG Mobile and today we take a look at the names who are considered to be the most popular content creators in this space and have helped build some incredible large communities. For this list we take only considered creators whose core audience has through a shared interest for PUBG Mobile. 

5. MortaL - 5.66M 

MortaL is the face of the PUBG Mobile Streaming community | image via Instagram

The only professional player to feature on this list, MortaL maybe 5th in terms of following, but certainly the most influential figure. Not only is he able to find time to play professionally for Team SouL, MortaL is also a prolific streamer and currently hold the record for the highest concurrent viewership during a PUBG Mobile stream. With one of the most dedicated communities across esports, MortaL's talents were recently recognized internationally and the player was nominated to be the the Esports Awards 2020. He is in the the Streamer of the Year category alongside names like Pokimane, TimtheTatman, Summit1G, XQC, Dr Lupo and more. A truly prestigious and big moment for not just MortaL but for the entire South Asia region to see his name alongside some of gaming's biggest names. 

4. Panda - 6.62M

With over 6M subscribers on YouTube, Panda is one of the most recognizable names in the PUBG Mobile community. Known for making videos and highlights of his gameplay, the 23-year old has become a massive name among PUBG Mobile players. He is also a part of many community events such as the recently concluded Global Extreme Challenge and has led the charge in popularizing the game, especially in Europe and North America. Panda also has a second YouTube channel called BluePanda, which also has over 2M subscribers. 

3. Atro - 7.46M 

Atro and Panda are two top content creators who are based out of EU I Images via Instagram

Atro is a PUBG Mobile livestreamer from the Netherlands who primarily creates content in Arabic. He regularly streams live and uploads highlights and montages from his gameplay. Originally from Iraq, the 26-year old plays primarily on the emulator. He is one of the fastest rising PUBG Mobile Youtubers and has gained over 2.5M subscribers since the start of May. 

2. Levinho - 7.68M

Also hailing from Sweden, Levinho became the first PUBG Mobile content creator to reach 1B views on YouTube. He uploads highlights and montages along with unboxings and troll videos and is one of the most entertaining creators on YouTube. Levinho growth on YouTube is upwards of 500K subscribers per month for the last four months. 

1. Dynamo - 8.19M 

With over 8M subscribers, Dynamo Gaming is the biggest PUBG Mobile channel across all platforms. Dynamo was one of the earliest streamers to try their hand at the game and quickly rose to fame and popularity through his gameplay and mild-mannered nature. A regular streamer, Dynamo is the name that made gaming and streaming mainstream in India. He mostly plays on the emulator, but has also tried his hand on a mobile device. 

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