Which MLBB Hero has the Most Beautiful Visuals?

Which MLBB Hero has the Most Beautiful Visuals?

Shounak Sengupta
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Mobile Legends: Bang Bang is one of the most popular MOBAs on the mobile platform and the game has a sizeable player base and thriving esport ecosystem. Especially in Southeast Asia, the game has become immensely popular and local leagues such as the Mobile Legends Professional League have helped create an entire ecosystem. Till date, 100 heroes have been released in the game and we take a look at some of the heroes that have been well received by the community for their looks. 

The game has quite a few female characters including strong mages, rangers, fighters and assassins. Here are the top 3 female heroes with the best visuals: 


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Despite not being a popular hero due to her skillset, Kagura is one of the more visually pleasing heroes. A mage of Japanese origin, her character is themed around her powerful Seimei umbrella which she uses to conjure magic. Some of her skins are also equally stunning, especially the Cherry Witch skin. 


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A powerful mage in the Mobile Legends universe, Lunox’s theme is built around order and chaos. Her design incorporates black and white to show the two forces which control the world. While the base character design is great, her Cosmic Harmony skin takes the cake as one of the most well designed skins in the game. 


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She is Lancelot’s sister and part of the Baroque family. Guinevere’s skillset relies on burst magic damage. Since she comes from a royal family, her entire theme and skins are all designed keeping her societal status in mind.  

The game also has some incredibly well designed male characters, who also get a fair share of the spotlight. Here are our top 2 picks: 


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Gusion is an assassin from one of the most powerful and prestigious families in the Land of Dawn Universe - the Paxleys. While Guson's family believed in the power of magic over that of the sword, he learned to combine the two elements and become more powerful than any of his ancestors. Gusion also has some ridiculously cool skins such as the Emperor Scorpion and Holy Blade. 


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With a tragic backstory involving the death of his parents, Alucard was also trapped and tortured by demons. He eventually learned their skills and honed his powers to become a powerful fighter. The Lightborn Striker and Obsidian Blade are two of his best skins. 

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