Top 10 PUBG Mobile Players - World League Edition

Top 10 PUBG Mobile Players - World League Edition

Shounak Sengupta
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The league stage of the PUBG Mobile World League Season Zero has now concluded across both the Eastern and Western Divisions. Brazil’s Loops registered an emphatic win in the west division while reigning world champions, Bigetron Red Aliens edged out a last game thriller to win the eastern division. Today, we take a look at the top 10 players from the league stages across both divisions. 

10. Solkay - Futbolist

Solkay has been the shining star for Turkey's Futbolist

The only player from a European region team to be in the top 10 list is Futbolist's Solkay. Having established themselves as a top team in the EU region, Futbolists had a very solid run in the World League. Solkay was their top contributor and guided the team to the number 3 spot, tied with Tempo Storm. Not only is he the in-game leader of the squad, but was also the top fragger for his team with 109 kills. His leadership took the team to 10 chicken dinners across the league, the highest for any team in the western division. 

9. Aderr - Cloud9

Aderr was C9's most impressive player

C9's Aderr is technically the second player from Europe in our list, but to be fair, he plays for the NA region. Known to be an exceptionally talented player, even during his previous stint with Team Unique, Aderr showed just why a name like Cloud9 picked him up. While the team was dominating in the opening two weeks, they had a horrendous time in week 3, eventually failing to make it to the super weekend. Despite having played 15 less matches than everyone on this list, Aderr's performances helped him team pick up 8 chicken dinners in their matches. His tally shows 95 frags during the league, averaging nearly 1.6 kills per match. 

8. uHigh - Team Secret

The young star has captured everyone's attention with his skill

It's been a remarkable season for Team Secret's uHigh, who has proved that he is one of the fastest rising stars in the PUBG Mobile scene. He was the 5th highest fragger in the eastern division and also registered a ridiculous 33% headshot rate. One of the key reason's why Team Secret were able to finish in the 5th spot, uHigh has shown that he has a very bright future ahead of himself. 

7. G9 - RRQ Athena

The only Thai player to make the top 10 list

No list involving PUBG Mobile is complete without mentioning the OG superstars of the game - RRQ Athena. The squad had a very good run in the league stage with a very respectable third place finish. G9 was the top player from the team contributing 99 frags to the cause. While the team were unable to convert too many games into wins, they were still very consistent with fragging, ending as the team with the second highest number of kills. The 24-year old may be older than many of his fellow competitors, but he showed that experience and tenure are worth a whole lot, especially when playing on the big stage. 

6. Tensa - Tempo Storm

Tensa was the top player from NA in the World league

It was nothing short of a brilliant season for Tempo Storm's Tensa who ended the league stage as the western division's third highest fragger. With a cool 110 frags to his name, Tensa  did some heavy lifting for the side along with his teammate Spec. He also registered the highest average damage across the league, a true testament to his impact in the matches. Now the team go into the finals in good form and knowing that they have a strong player to help them bring home the title. 

5. Jonathan - TSM-Entity

South Asia's best player Jonathan continues to impress

Jonathan is the only Indian to make the list and the fact that he was only one of two players to cross the 100 kill mark in the eastern division should tell you just how good this guys is. While teams from South Asia had a relatively hard time, Jonathan continues to be a ray of shining light for the region. With some huge individual performances and clutches, Jonathan was also the highest damage dealer in the entire eastern division. His presence in the squad makes TSM-Entity a name that few are willing to go up against in a gun fight and he will be looking to carry his impressive form into the finals. 

4. Dadin - Loops

A prolific IGL and an equally capable fragger

It's almost unfair how good Loops were this season and while the incident that saw them have their points deducted will leave a sour taste in their mouths, it was in the end inconsequential. Despite being docked 40 points, Loops finished the the competition with 75+ point lead and 9 chicken dinners across the opening weekend and league stage. Being the IGL of the team, it's only fair that a major share of the team's success is attributed to Dadin. However, he was also phenomenal in the frags department finishing as the western division's second highest fragger with 117 kills to his name. 

3. Luxxy - Bigetron RA

One half of the deadly duo that strikes fear in everyone's hearts

The 17-year old twins continue to fly the Indonesian flag high and were rightly crowned the PMWL East division league champions after yet another impressive showing. While each and every player in the team is world class, the two twins continue to lead the way for their side. Luxxy finished with 98 frags and averaged 317 damage per map. His performances allowed the team to take 10 chicken dinners, the highest for any team in the eastern division. Bigetron were the favorites coming into the World League and continue to be favorites going into the finals.

2. Zuxxy - Bigetron RA

Zuxxy was the top fragger in the eastern division

In second place is Luxxy's twin brother and IGL of the Bigetron Red Aliens. Zuxxy was the highest fragger in the eastern division with 102 kills and a key reason as to why Bigetron finished as the team with the highest number of frags. Along with his brother, Zuxxy has cemented his position as one of the best players to ever touch the game and every season and every tournament only seems to make their case stronger. 

1. Carrilho - Loops

A monster performance takes Carrilho to the top

With 133 kills in 75 matches, Carrilho takes the top spot in our top 10 rankings. A unreal performance from one of the game's best performers, Carrilho took everyone's breath away with his displays of skill and aggression.  He showed incredible consistency and poise across all three weeks and it's hard to think of an occasion where he didn't step up and perform. Going into the finals, not only are Loops the absolute favorites, but Carrilho's presence means that the team has access to the best player in the entire tournament or arguably the entire world. 

Let us know which players you would put in your top 10 list, in the comments below.

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