Top 10 Indian PUBG Mobile Players - July 2020

Top 10 Indian PUBG Mobile Players - July 2020

Shounak Sengupta
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The PUBG Mobile World League, Season Zero is on in full swing and 7 Indian teams are competing for a slice of the pie. While teams from the region haven’t had the hottest of seasons, some of the lesser known names have been able to impress. One of the big announcements going into the World League was the partnership between Godlike Esports and Nova Team. However, the team has had a disastrous tournament and, short of a miracle on the final two days of league play, will be unable to make it onto the grand finals. On the other side of the spectrum, the other team who recently announced a partnership with a foreign organization, GXR Celtz, continues to ride high on their PMPL South Asia success by being the best performing Indian side in the competition. We will stick to players playing in the PUBG Mobile World League for the month of July as it is the highest tier of competition in the game at the moment.

10. Seervi - SynerGE

Seervi slips to 10th place in the July edition

SynerGE are one of the teams who have qualified for the finals, but unfortunately their performance has taken a bit of a hit when compared to their showing at PMPL South Asia. While the team ended week 2 in 12th position, they failed to make it into the super weekend in week 3, which has to be a pretty disappointing outcome. Nonetheless, Seervi is the IGL and arguably most valuable member of the side and has been the inspiration that has gotten them where they are. His biggest challenge will be to shake off the league stage performance and rally his team to the top spot in the finals. 

9. Ted

Ted's experience is one of SynerGE's secret weapons

In 9th place is Seervi's teammate Ted. He has been the difference maker in SynerGE and his experience has been invaluable to the team. The player has helped unlock a new potential for the tean and allowed SynerGE a whole new level of depth that was previously unseen. His expertise will be invaluable in the finals as the team looks to shake things up and show that they are not to be written out easily. 

8. Vexe - Megastars

Vexe continues to feature in the top 10 in our monthly rankings

The star player from Megastars has had a relatively quite-er run in the World League and it's understandable, being it his first international showing. While everyone on the lineup has stepped up massively and taken the team to 6th place in the overall standings, Vexe has been missed as the star fragger in some situations. A memorable play includes a clutch against Bigetron in week 2, which should give the player some huge amounts of confidence going into the final week. 

7. Swag - Megastars

Swag enters the monthly list in 7th place

A player that had been substituted for a few of the Megastars’ games to accommodate Owais, his return to the squad has allowed the team to put in some incredibly consistent performances. A support player for the squad, he became the key to that quietly allows Megastars to reach the potential that everyone talks of. With some key contributions that has seen the side holding their own against some very tough international competition, Swag enters our list for the first time at number 7. 

6. GiLL - Orange Rock

GiLL's is one of the most sought after player's in India at the moment

Despite his limited time with the squad, GiLL has been able to impress at Season Zero. Like his teammate Scout, he too had a good first half with notable showings in the opening weekend and week 1. GiLL’s individual skill is one of the key reasons for his transfer to Orange Rock and it’s safe to say that the player has not disappointed. While his team has had some rough weeks, if Orange Rock are to bounce back, he will be a name leading the charge.

5. Clutchgod - TSM-Entity 

The IGL for India's top team has been impressive as usual

The in game leader of TSM-Entity takes the number 6 spot on the list, and has managed to mould his team’s playstyle into one that is never afraid to take fights. Not only is Clutchgod able to use his teammate’s skills to the limit, but he contributes as a key fragger and can be seen taking the initiative for the team in many situations. His play on the opening day of week 3 that saw him drive the car over 2 opponents in the final circle will go down as one of the tournament's most memorable plays. 

4. Ultron - GXR-Celtz

GXR-Celtx continue to impress along with some smart heads up play from Ultron

Ultron is also one of the few new new entrants in the list . Another key cog in the GXR-Celtz machinery, he is a dependable player in the lineup that sees the squad in the top 5. Not as often on the kill lists as some other names on this list, Ultron makes up for it with good positioning, solid understanding of situations and the ability to play for the long game. He is often a key member in helping his team pick up key placement points and has stepped up for the side in times when they have lost members early.

3. Sc0utOP - Orange Rock

A good month for the player who never stops grinding

A name known globally among PUBG Mobile players, Sc0utOP and his side have had a less than satisfactory run at the World League. While they are very much on track to play in the finals, the team has not been impressive in the crucial super weekend stages. However, Sc0utOP did have a very positive showing, especially in the earlier half of the World league. He was impressive in the opening weekend and the opening week and has had a better showing than his teammates for the most part. Be it his experience or his mid-long range prowess, Sc0utOP has always shown that he is a hard working player who will continue to push himself to be the very best.

2. MJ - GXR-Celtz

A stunning month for the upcoming player

A new entrant on our monthly rankings, MJ enters the list directly at the number 2 spot for one of the most consistent and impressive displays in PMWL Season Zero. Going up against some of the most well known and proven players in the world, MJ’s rise as a player has been nothing short of meteoric. The highest fragger for GXR-Celtz during their notorious win at the PMPL South Asia finals, MJ has managed to continue to good form into the World League with consistent displays. His contribution is one of the key reasons behind the team being the only South Asian squad in the top 5.

1. Jonathan - TSM-Entity

Jonathan makes picking the number 1 player easy for us

Jonathan leads the charts for a second month in a row and it hardly comes as a surprise. Although TSM-Entity are in 8th place overall, they had a big showing on week 2 with a 176 points. As usual, star player Jonathan continues to lead the charts as one of the tournament’s top fraggers and was a big factor in the team’s performance in the second week. The player has shown that he will step up for his side, no matter the occasion and has the skills to back himself up. Considered as one of the best players not just in India, but around the world, Jonathan is a player capable of consistently finding kills and single handedly popping off to take his team to the top. Many still expect TSM-Entity to be the team from South Asia who win the region’s first international trophy and the team will rely on Jonathan’s firepower and skill to help achieve this dream. 

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