MLBB Ban Rumors Causes Scare Among Filipino Players

Shounak Sengupta
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Posts by popular social media pages which said that Mobile Legends: Bang Bang will be banned in the Philippines from September 5 caused a scare among players in the country. However there are no official sources where a mention of any ban on MLBB has been found. In fact, some of these pages have come out and said that it was a prank. 

Raffy Tulfo Talks About MLBB Concerns 

Some sources have cited broadcast personality Raffy Tulfo’s comments as a source, but we could not confirm this. The 60-year old recently aired concerns regarding the game on his weekly show Wanted Sa Radyo but his comments seem to come from a different place. Reacting to the story of a couple where the wife accused the husband of domestic abuse due to her excessive Mobile Legends habit, Tuflo said that there certainly some concerns regarding cases of depression, suicide and other negative health effects related to being addicted to the game. He also mentioned that the government should conduct studies on the game to better understand problems associated with it. However, Tulfo also made note of the fact that the game had helped a lot of people and brought a lot of joy and fortune onto them. 

Some popular social media pages began sharing posts that the game will be banned in the Philippines from September 5 and the posts have been shared and reacted to quite a bit. One thing led to another and it caused concerns among the Philippines player base whether the game will be banned in the country. As we mentioned earlier, this was revealed to be a prank and there is no official statement or source confirming this news. 

MLBB Banned in India Last Month

A few weeks ago, Mobile Legends was banned in India along with 58 other Chinese apps following security concerns. Worsening political and military relations between China and India has led to the latter cracking down Chinese tech companies and products operating in the subcontinent. While Mobile Legends continues to be banned in the country the game has released a statement that they are working with the Indian Government to find a solution. However it's been over a month since the game has been banned and there has been updates since then. 

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