Indian Army Asks Staff to Delete 89 Apps Including PUBG

Indian Army Asks Staff to Delete 89 Apps Including PUBG

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Following the decision by the Government of India to ban 59 Chinese Apps from the country, the Indian army has asked its officers and staff to delete 89 apps from their smartphones. This includes Chinese and non-Chinese apps, including some big names such as Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat. It also includes PUBG Mobile, Mobile Legends, Clash of Kings and all Tencent Gaming Apps according to a list shared by Asian News International. 

59 Apps Already Banned By Indian Government

The list contains the 59 apps already banned by the government along with some extra ones. The inclusion of PUBG Mobile in the new list points to a sense of growing mistrust with the game. It’s no surprise that the title has its fair share of doubters since it became massively popular with the Indian youth and has since become a pop culture phenomena. From calls to ban the game in certain states to reports of kids spending massive amounts of money in-game without parental supervision, there have been umpteen reasons and cases which have sparked an outrage against the title. Despite this, it’s sheer popularity and mainstream status have allowed an entire industry of content creators, influencers, professional players and internet personalities to flourish.  

When Mobile Legends was initially banned, there were concerns that PUBG Mobile would soon follow, but it didn’t turn out to be the case. More recently, fears were re-ignited after an issue with iOS prevented users from starting the game and led to concerns that it had been banned in India. This issue even led to a delay in the PUBG Mobile World League, but has since been resolved. While it’s unlikely that PUBG Mobile will be banned for the general audience, the Army has instructed its officers to delete the game from their phones. While there is no confirmation if there are any specific concerns with the app or if it stems from a general lack of security that could be compromising to just members of the armed forces, the move will certainly add to the concerns that many have regarding the title. The rising military and political tension between China and India has only escalated since the Galwan Valley clashes, and incidents like these seem to be a part of the fallout. 

Seven Indian teams are currently playing in the PUBG Mobile World League, which is the highest tier of competition for the title. Should the title be banned, the fates of all these teams and players along with that of a full ecosystem would be jeopardized. 

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