PUBG Mobile World League Postponed Due To iOS Issues

PUBG Mobile World League Postponed Due To iOS Issues

Shounak Sengupta
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Ongoing issues with multiple applications on iOS has resulted in the World League being postponed by 24 hours. Many users have complained that they are unable to start the game on their iOS devices and as a result, a decision has been taken to postpone the start of the tournament. The World League will now be going live tomorrow ie July 11 at 5 30 PM IST.

Not The First Hiccup for the World League

While there is no guarantee that the issues are fixed by tomorrow, the organizers have said that they are hoping that it is resolved. Almost all competitive players play on iOS so it makes little sense to even think of starting the tournament. The team is currently at work to find a solution. 

PUBG Mobile World League Postponed Due To iOS Issues
An unfortunate situation for everyoneImage via YouTube

An unfortunate situation for fans, players and everyone working behind the scenes as the tournament has already had to deal with issues presented by the ongoing global pandemic. Yesterday, it was announced that there were some complex challenges with regards to the teams in PMWL West as a result of which, some teams would face latency issues. However it was also confirmed that given the circumstances, the teams had agreed to play the matches. One can only hope that the issue is fixed by tomorrow, so that the World League can take place as planned. A new schedule is also expected to be shared to reflect the changes in dates, once the organizers have taken a stock of things. 

40 teams are set to play in the PUBG Mobile World League, split across two divisions - East and West. The tournament has a prize pool of 850,000 USD, which is also divided equally between the two divisions. The top teams, from various regions have qualified to this stage via their own regional qualifiers. While the competition was supposed to take place online, the ongoing global pandemic has forced the organizers to move the tournament online. As a result, this edition of the World League has been dubbed Season Zero and will not bear any consequence on future seasons. The two divisions were set to kick off today ie July 10 and last for a month till Aug 9, but unfortunately that will not be the case. 

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