SynerGE Top The Board as 16 Teams Through To PMIS Finals

Shounak Sengupta
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The semifinal stage of the PUBG MOBILE India Series (PMIS) came to an end as the number of teams have been halved from 32 to 16. Most of the top invited teams did make it to the grand finals, however there were a few surprises here and there. SynerGE, who have been playing with a new player in Zigsaw, instead of their regular fourth, crushed the competition with a fantastic performance. The team finished on top of the table after 15 games, 3 points ahead of Fnatic.

PMIS 2020 Semifinals Results

Among the big names who failed to make it to the finals stage are Powerhouse and VSG Crawlers. Both teams had a disappointing showing, with Powerhouse finishing in 20th place and VSG in 17th. Other invited teams such as Godlike and Marcos Gaming had been eliminated in the quarterfinals. Meanwhile, the 16 teams who will make it to the finals are: 



Orange Rock


UMumba Esports

Team VST


DarkTangent Esports



Team Mayhem


LiveCraft eSports

Team Tamilas

Team IND

Inside Out

New Fnatic Impress With Aggressive Playstyle

A team not known for being the most aggressive in their approach showed off a different side of themselves, finishing the semifinals stage as the kill leaders. The addition of Fnatic has really allowed the team to find a good balance as the team seems to be more confident in their decisions and their engagements. Fnatic won 5 chicken dinners in their 15 games and also racked up 115 kills to finish in second place. On the last day of the PMIS 2020 semifinals, the team won chicken dinners in both the matches they played and combined with the penultimate day, the team achieved three back-to-back chicken dinners. 

Jonathan and Ted Lead The Kill Table

A player who has time and again proved his talent on the biggest of stages, Jonathan finished on top of the kill table, like most competitions that he is a part of. The player had some impressive displays including a 15+ kill performance on day 2. SynerGE’s Ted also had a good run along with UMumba's Akshay. The Fnatic players had a more even kill spread but Franky and Maxkash did display individual brilliance in a few of the games. 

SynerGE Top The Board as 16 Teams Through To PMIS Finals
Jonathan leads the charts once again

The grand finals will be a 2 day event with 12 matches being played. It will be played out on July 4 and 5, i.e. tomorrow and day after. PMIS 2020 has a prize pool of 50 lakh INR (~65K USD). 

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