Ronak Goes On Break After Rough Season


Ronak Goes On Break After Rough Season

Shounak Sengupta
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  • Fnatic's Ronak announces that he will go on a break. 
  • The decision comes after a long and tough season, both personally and professionally. 

Fnatic’s Ronak has announced that he will be going on a break following his early exit from PMIS 2020 along with team Godlike. The player has had a rough season, both personally and professionally and has announced that he will not be seen playing or streaming and will be looking to come back stronger. While it’s not official, it also is likely that this is the end of the journey for him and Fnatic. Ronak was largely relegated to a substitute role for Fnatic in the last few months and was not a part of the squad for PMIS. He found a new home in Godlike, who themselves had some roster troubles, but the team’s early exit has forced him to consider his options. 

Ronak Goes On Break After Rough Season

Ronak's struggles with Fnatic have manifested in different ways | Image via @NODWIN Gaming

The player revealed via Instagram that there has been a lot of pressure on him in the last few months. He talked about the pressure from his family, the fans, the audience, the organization and the pressure of performing and it seems that it has taken a toll on the young star. Ronak was indeed under a considerable amount of pressure, and was seen struggling with his relationship with the fans and his teammates. A string of bad results for the team led to a lot of blame on individual players and Ronak was one of the players who the fans directed a lot of anger onto. 

Ronak Goes On Break After Rough Season

Ronak spoke about taking up the challenge on making a comeback | Image via @ig_ronakop

Nonetheless, Ronak is one of India’s most accomplished players with wins at PMIS 2019. PMCO Spring 2019 and PMAS 2019. While 2020 hasn’t been a great year for him, it’s safe to say that the year has been unkind to almost all of humanity. With more and more young players getting into the PUBG MOBILE pro scene, and the huge number of fans and viewers, the pressure and expectations on these guys is truly one that is hard to imagine. With life changing amounts of money and opportunities on the line, never ending grinding eventually leading to burnouts can be a very real hazard in the industry. Hopefully Ronak will be able to find the time and space to recuperate and bounce back. 

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