Ronak Joins Godlike For PMIS; Gill Moves To Orange Rock

Ronak Joins Godlike For PMIS; Gill Moves To Orange Rock

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  • Ronak will play with Godlike for PMIS 2020.
  • GiLL moves to Orange Rock esports from Godlike while VampireOP will go the other way.

With the roster shuffle season in full swing, the pieces are beginning to fall in place and quite a few teams are looking at new players to bolster their squads. Fnatic's Ronak has announced that the will be a part of  Godlike's roster for the PUBG MOBILE India Series 2020. Orange Rock Esports, the team who won the PMPL South Asia League stage have also announced a change. While it may be surprising to see a team who have recently been dominating opt for a roster change, their IGL Mavi has often spoken about the team’s shortage of firepower which has forced them to adopt a less aggressive playstyle. 

Orange Rock Confirm GiLL Pickup

The player that Orange Rock have picked up is Godlike’s Arshdeep ‘GiLL’ Singh. Like OR Godlike themselves have also qualified for the World League and will be sad to see one of their star players leave the roster. Of course, there has been some resentment from Godlike’s side with Kronten and Carry both expressing a sense of remorse at the move. However, this is the nature of professional esports and it’s safe to say that Orange Rock have acquired a really solid player. Godlike will be playing with VampireOP in the World League, who has had to leave Orange Rock to make place for GiLL. Eleen ‘VampireOP’ Raj was actually quite a key player for Orange Rock in the PMPL, and although a substitute, he was used in key situations to great effect. He is definitely a strong player and one who has tons of experience in the domestic circuit.

PMIS Forces Teams To Make New Rosters

With the PUBG MOBILE India Series also lined up, a lot of teams have had to look for reinforcements to their squad as well. Since the PMIS ruleset only allows a team to register with 4 players, VampireOP never registered with the Orange Rock roster. He went with Element Esports, who made an entire roster from substitutes, and are fielding UMumba’s Paansingh, SouL’s Sangwan and Celtz’s Ultron along with VampireOP. Aman moving to Marcos Gaming and Ronak to Godlike are other such examples. 

Ronak Joins Godlike For PMIS; Gill Moves To Orange Rock

Ronak has had a turbulent time with Fnatic over the last few months | Image via @NODWIN Gaming

With GiLL’s departure, Godlike too have had to look for reinforcements and they are bringing in Fnatic’s Ronak. The Fnatic roster is getting a revamp and Ronak has already announced that he will not be a part of the Fnatic lineup for PMIS 2020. Whether the move is permanent or temporary, Ronak will be playing with Godlike for the duration of PMIS.  While his form has been in question during the last few months, a fresh start with new teammates might just be what the veteran player needs to get his confidence back. Godlike will be playing their PMIS 2020 online matches later today. This will be Ronak's first stint with another organization, since joining Fnatic in late 2019.     

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