UMumba Disbands PUBG MOBILE Roster

UMumba Disbands PUBG MOBILE Roster

Shounak Sengupta
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  • Indian organization, UMumba has announced that they are letting go of their current PUBG MOBILE roster. 
  • The team will announce a new lineup for the upcoming season soon. 

UMumba has announced that they will be letting go of the current PUBG MOBILE roster and they will be announcing a new roster soon. The announcement comes after the team failed to qualify for the PUBG MOBILE World League, finishing in 9th place in the finals and in 11th in the league stage. While the team started off the league stage with a bang, grabbing 2 chicken dinners in the opening week, they quickly fell of as their performance went on a sharp downward spiral, soon after. In the finals, the team had some middle of the pack performances and were simply unable to contend with the likes of the teams who eventually qualified. 

UMumba Disbands PUBG MOBILE Roster

420OP and Bhishma were the 2 standout players from the roster | Images via Instagram

While UMumba did impress on a few occasions and had some inspired runs in a few tournaments, the lack of consistency both in terms of results and performance was a disappointment. Some of their players such as 420OP had quite the season, and have established themselves as hot prospects for the coming season. Meanwhile, IGL Bhishma is also a veteran of the scene and one who has a reputation of being one of the few good captains in the Indian scene.

Roster Shuffle Season Is Upon Us

UMumba has also released a tribute video for their players to mark the end of the journey, In a social media post, the organization announced that they will be announcing a new roster soon. While it’s certainly not the happiest news, we are in the middle of the transfer season and many teams and players will be looking to part ways and find new homes just like UMumba.  Stay tuned for all the updates and information surrounding the roster shuffle season. 

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