New Hero, Yu Zhong and More Changes  in Upcoming Mobile Legends Patch

New Hero, Yu Zhong and More Changes in Upcoming Mobile Legends Patch

Shounak Sengupta
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A new hero is coming to Mobile Legends: Bang Bang and he will be none other than the Black Dragon, Yu Zhong. A trailer for the hero was released and he looks like one of the more menacing characters in the game. A comic strip detailing his backstory has also been released. In it  the origin story of the hero has been told. Yu Zhong made a journey into the Dragon Altar to become one with the the Great Dragon. Through the transformation, Yu Zhong gained the ability to turn himself into a dragon when he chooses to. The video also shows Baxia as Yu Zhong's brother. 

Yu Zhong's abilities are as follows: 

Passive: Cursing Touch - Stacking damage with every hit with max stacks granting bonuses.

Dragon Tail - AOE damage

Soul Grip - Damage + Slow 

Furious Dive - Positioning ability + also cause enemies in the AOR to be knocked in the air. 

Ultimate: Black Dragon Form -  Transforms into a Dragon for 7s and has Free pathing, CC immunity and extra HP. Exiting the dragon form puts him in the post dragon mode which enhances his other skills for 10s. 

The hero will be released in patch 1.4.86, which also includes a host of other changes. These include buffs to tank heroes along with reduction in price to defensive items. The patch also sees the launch of the smart command feature which will allow players to communicate essential information, without having to use the mic. Check out the patch spotlight video for more information on the upcoming patch. The new patch will drop on June 19. 

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