SouL Withdraw From PMIS 2020; “We Need Time To Work On Our Mistakes”

SouL Withdraw From PMIS 2020; “We Need Time To Work On Our Mistakes”

Shounak Sengupta
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  • SouL have announced that they will not be taking part in PMIS 2020.
  • The team will use this time to work on their mistakes and bounce back stronger. 

The team with one of the biggest fanbases in India, SouL has announced that it will not be taking part in the upcoming PUBG MOBILE India Series 2020. Despite receiving a direct invite to the event along with 15 other top teams, the team has decided to withdraw from the competition in order to work on themselves. The decision comes after SouL’s less than satisfactory result at PMPL South Asia, where the team failed to impress in both the league and finals stage. 

Images via @ig_mortal

The announcement came via MortaL, wherein it was mentioned that the last 6 months have been incredibly hectic for the squad and has put a lot of mental pressure on them. However, the team has also stated that they will not be taking a full break, but rather focus on improving their basics and working on their mistakes. They will be playing custom matches throughout and will be back after PMIS. 

The decision is one that is saddening as PMIS 2020 is one of the biggest tournaments for Indian teams for the calendar year. SouL also has a deep connection with the tournament as they are the defending champions. In many ways, PMIS 2019 was the beginning of SouL’s journey as a team and an org and one that put them in the limelight. PMIS 2020 will feel a bit empty without the hordes of SouL fans in the chat or in the arena, but we have to respect the decision made by the team.  Let’s hope that the team can quickly bounce back to winning ways and is able to use this time fruitfully and effectively. 

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