420op Reveals Why He Left Team XSpark BGMI Roster


420op Reveals the Reason Behind Leaving Team XSpark BGMI Roster

The rebuild of TX BGMI roster is currently underway.

Aditya Singh Rawat
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During a recent livestream session, 420op revealed the reason behind parting ways with the BGMI roster of Team XSpark.
The first point highlighted by 420op was that the overall team environment was not upto the mark.
He also said that as a BGMI player he was not able to play his own natural game and was instead playing the IGL's gameplay, which did not work out for him.

One of the most popular BGMI (Battlegrounds Mobile India) teams out there, Team XSpark, is currently undergoing a roster makeover following the departure of multiple players like Hemanth "Ultron" Sethi and Shivamm "420op" Raghav.

While tryouts are still underway, during a recent livestream session 420op, when prompted by one of his viewers to talk about why he had left the team, went on to reveal all the reasons behind his departure.

"See, I will tell everything openly about what the problem was. The team environment was unsettling, in the sense that, the way they (XSpark) wanted to achieve something was not going according to the plan set out by them," said 420op, followed by a whole lot of other things that forced him to bid farewell to the lineup.

420op explains why he decided to part ways with BGMI roster of Team XSpark

Team XSpark is undergoing a BGMI roster revamp following the departure of two current players. While the tryouts are going on, Tanmay "Scout" Singh confirmed that they still have a one-month time period to finalize their lineup. Amidst all of these developments, 420op came forward to publicly reveal why exactly he had taken the decision to leave the team.

According to him the team's environment did not have a good vibe overall, mostly because they were not able to achieve certain things as per their planning. He further explained that following their performance at BMOC Round 4, where Team XSpark had placed second last in group three, the team decided to take a tryout and informed 420op to take a break while continuing to grind.

He was benched to make space on the active lineup for a few days so that Team XSpark could try out the new player. Agreeing with this decision, 420op got benched because he felt that if the new player is improving the team's performance then it is a good thing for everyone.

"However, I had no thoughts about leaving the team. I had told you guys (audience) also that I had no intentions of leaving the team back then," said 420op on his livestream, "After that Utron had a chat with Mavi (Harmandeep Singh) that he is not comfortable with the team, in terms of how they were playing."

420op went on to state that personally he never had any problems with the way Team XSpark was playing, but the team environment was definitely not to his liking because "I fet that as a BGMI player, I was not able to play my own game, I was playing the IGL's gameplay. The game I had in Team XSpark was simply not mine."

He clarified that this does not mean his bad performances was someone else's fault, taking responsibility for all his actions. According to 420op, he was simply not able to adapt because every IGL has their own way and this one did not suit him well.

Many more questions were answered by him during the rest of the livestream session including how he felt about moving around so much, hopping from team to team without being able to find a permanent lineup to stick with.

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