Esports Awards 2020 To Feature Mobile Categories for The First Time

Esports Awards 2020 To Feature Mobile Categories for The First Time

Shounak Sengupta
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  • Esports Awards 2020 Will Feature Mobile Categories. 
  • The two categories are Mobile Title of the Year and Mobile Player of the Year. 

The Esports Awards 2020 will feature mobile categories for the first time in it's three year run. The two categories that will be featured are the Esports Mobile Game of the Year and Esports Mobile Player of the Year. The Esports Awards is one of the premier award ceremonies in the esports industry and although there have been a lot of discussions regarding the transparency of the decisions and the need for award ceremonies, the fact remains that there are many who look forward to the event every year.

A panel of industry experts have been selected to pick the winners, and even the community can get in on the action. Once the nominees are selected via a open submission system, the community can vote for the winners in each of the categories and 25% of the final tally will account for the community vote while the rest of the 75% is accounted for by the panel members. Representing the mobile audience in the panel is Matt Rutledge, the director of Mobile Gaming for Complexity.

To nominate players, teams and deserving candidates in the relevant categories, click here.

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