Fnatic Talks About OnePlus, Mobile Gaming and Possible Expansion

Fnatic Talks About OnePlus, Mobile Gaming and Possible Expansion

Shounak Sengupta
Published On: 
  • Fnatic's Partnerships manager, Edward Gregory broke down their relationship with OnePlus at the ESI Digital Summit.
  • Other highlights include their focus on mobile titles and success in India. 

The currently ongoing ESI Digital Summit featured a Fnatic x OnePlus Segment where Fnatic’s Partnerships manager Edward Gregory talked about their partnership with OnePlus and why the organization feels about the mobile space. The OnePlus and Fnatic partnership is one of the most recognized ventures in the esports sector and OnePlus’s gaming mode in their phones is known as the Fnatic mode. 

Edward spoked about when Fnatic got into a partnership with OnePlus, the organization didn’t have a mobile roster which needed a high performance phone. The only squad they had at the time was Clash Royale, a title not really known for needing a powerful device. However the organization still went ahead with the partnership. Initially, their League of Legends player, Nemesis was the face of the partnership but of course the conversation eventually went to their PUBG MOBILE roster in India. 

The success of the title in India and its popularity was an instant appeal and picking up a roster now allowed the organization to showcase a team which could use a high end mobile device. The discussion also touched upon the fact that India is one of the biggest markets in the world and how much growth Fnatic has seen in the region. Edward also spoke of potential titles such as Free Fire, Wild Rift and Call of Duty: Mobile that Fnatic are looking into. The importance, reach and appeal of mobile titles is something which Fnatic are wary of and is a key element of their future strategy. 

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