Iconic Modern Warfare Map, Rust, to be Released in Call of Duty: Mobile

Iconic Modern Warfare Map, Rust, to be Released in Call of Duty: Mobile

Shounak Sengupta
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  • New map to be released in Call of Duty : Mobile. 
  • The map will be a port of an existing map called Rust, from the Modern Warfare Series. 

Call of Duty: Mobile have announced that another iconic map from their existing franchises will be released in the mobile version later this week. The map known as Rust, is one of the most well known maps in the Modern Warfare series and will now be available for play in the mobile version. 

The map is set in an oil mine in a desert and features themes around pipes, platforms, ledges, containers and other industrial features. There is also a tower which overlooks the entirety of the map and offers a great vantage point. However, the route to get on top of the tower is treacherous and not for the faint of heart. The map is characterized by fast gameplay and tight angles, and makes for a lot of CQB. SMG's have an inherent advantage on the map as you can keep moving from cover to cover while taking potshots and then eventually finish off your opponents at close range. At the ground level, players will have a lot of option with respect to cover and will be able mope around easily. However, the real danger comes with the height as those with a height advantage will have a good sight on the ground. The positions on top aren't always great for fragging as you will be exposed, but can be used to call out information for your teammates on the ground. 

Rust has is a very fast paced map and a lot of iconic plays have been made on it in the PC version. The map's release in the mobile version is sure to bring in lots of excitement. 

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