GodNixon Gaming Joins Fnatic as a Content Creator

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Luv ‘GodNixon’ Sharma has announced that he has joined Fnatic as a content creator. The YouTuber is known for his Tips and Tricks videos and is one of the most unique content creators in PUBG Mobile. With nearly 850K subscribers on YouTube, he is definitely one of most recognizable faces in the Indian PUBGM community. 

The announcement doesn’t come as a massive surprise as GodNixon has been posting stories and videos with the Fnatic team and players. Nonetheless, the news has now been officially confirmed and we are definitely excited to see what the partnership means for the future. 

GodNixon is one of the figureheads of the Indian PUBG Mobile community and was chosen as the country representative for India during PMCO in 2019. In the announcement video, he revealed that at the moment he is stuck in a hotel in Bangalore as the entire country is under lock down and he can’t get back home. As a result, he hasn’t been able to release content as regularly as he would like to. However, he did mention that we can expect a variety of content from both him and Fnatic in the near future. 

I chose Fnatic because l when I used to play a lot of PC games i saw a CSGO stream on YouTube where Fnatic was playing and I was amazed by looking at the crowd in the arena and the support for the players. I never thought that one day I can be able to join any of these big organization but I still remember one thing; whenever I used to tell my friends that believe me one day I will be there on the stage no one believed me except my parents . And now I'm here as a part of Fnatic and I'm really proud of myself and so are my parents.

GodNixon Gaming Joins Fnatic as a Content Creator

Image via @GodNixon Gaming

As part of the announcement, he also teased a collaboration with Sc0utOP which hopefully will be the start of some cool content coming out of him and Fnatic as a whole.   

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