PMPL Thailand - Golden Cat, Illuminate and KoG advance to next stage as Faze Falter in The Finals

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PMPL Thailand came to an end with some pretty interesting and shocking results as some of the favorites failed to make it to the next stage. Two of the biggest names in Thailand were Faze and MiTH going into the season and both teams performed quite well in the league stages. However, in the finals the teams fell short of the mark by quite a margin as both teams ended in the bottom 5. Meanwhile, the team who had finished 16th in the league stage, Golden Cat, were able to sneak into the top 3 and will be moving onto the SEA Finals. With a win in the finals, Illuminate have directly qualified to PMWL East while GC and King of Gamers Club will play in the SEA Finals. The winners of the league stage, RRQ Athena will also play in the SEA Finals as the team are the defending champions in SEA. 

PMPL Thailand - Golden Cat, Illuminate and KoG advance to next stage as Faze Falter in The Finals

PMPL Thailand Final Standings | Image via @PUBG Mobile Thailand 

For sure, one of the biggest stories of PMPL Thailand will be the fact that both Faze and MiTH will be missing out on any future action. While MiTH or ex-MEGA.Conqueror were the winners of 2019 Fall Prelims and came 3rd in the Fall Global Finals, Faze Clan were neck in neck with RRQ Athena till the very last day of the league stage, eventually finishing in second place. MiTH too ended in a respectable 4th place after 6 weeks of play. In the finals however, MiTH placed bottom 6 in 10 out of 15 games and ended the final stage in last place. Faze meanwhile, were outside the top 10 in 9 out of 15 games and ended in 13th.  

PMPL Thailand - Golden Cat, Illuminate and KoG advance to next stage as Faze Falter in The Finals

Faze Clan's entry into SEA was one of the hottest pieces of news for the region and it was disappointing to not see them advance in the competition | Image via @Faze Clan Thailand

However, for Golden Cat, Illuminate and KoG this will be a big opportunity to show the world that the Thai scene is so much more than the RRQs and the Faze Clans. Illuminate are of course a very much feared and known roster andthe squad were consistent throughout the league stage, finishing in third. In the finals, the team amped up their performance on the final day, with two chicken dinners allowing them to claim top spot. Meanwhile, Golden Cat had a good run on day 2 and held on on the final day, finishing second. All three teams along with RRQ Athena will play in the SEA Finals where they will face off against other top SEA teams, with the top two teams moving onto PMWL East. However, Illuminate can breathe a sigh of relief as they will only be playing for pride and prize pool as their position in the World League is guaranteed. 

For their win Illuminate received 15,295 USD while the second and third placed team took home roughly 6k USD and 3k USD. 

Teams who have qualified for PMWL East: 

  • Illuminate the Murder (PMPL Thailand)
  • FreeStyle (PMCO Pakistan)
  • NoChance Team (PMCO Wildcard)

Teams who have qualified for SEA Finals: 

  • RRQ Athena (Defending Champions, directly invited)
  • Illuminate the Murder (PMPL Thailand)
  • Golden Cat (PMPL Thailand)
  • King of Gamers Club (PMPL Thailand)

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