PMPL South Asia - Glitch Costs TSM-Entity Heavily, UMumba Become First Team With 2 Chicken Dinners

Shounak Sengupta
Published On: 20 Mar 2020, 02:40 PM

Cover and thumbnail via @UMumba Esports

UMumba Rxn became the first team to pick up 2 chicken dinners in PMPL South Asia as they closed the gap on whittling it down to just 10 points. Helping them with their cause were the PUBG Mobile gods themselves as a glitch caused table toppers, TSM-Entity to crash out early from game 6 of the first week. 

PMPL South Asia - Glitch Costs TSM-Entity Heavily, UMumba Become First Team With 2 Chicken Dinners

TSM-Entity and UMumba find themselves ahead of the pack after 7 games | Image via @PUBG Mobile Esports

UMumba showed up in fine form for PMPL South Asia as the team has finished in the top 2 in 4 out of 7 games, including two chicken dinners. While it’s still very early days for teams at the event, the team along with TSM-Entity have established dominance, stringing together some very commendable performances in the early phase of the competition. 

TSM-Entity meanwhile, haven’t  managed to convert any of their games into wins since their opening game, but have kept their top spot thanks to their high fragging nature and consistent placement, having placed in the top 4 in five out of seven games. The team has been averaging nearly 17 points per game and have managed to come in with a bang. However, their day got off yo a poor start as the team encountered a glitch in their opening game. While we aren't sure what exactly happened as the incident took place offscreen, we did see two of Entity's players die to a car crash shortly after the game started. The fact that it was a glitch was confirmed by their manager Siddhanth Joshi, on his Instagram. 

Meanwhile expected names such as Fnatic, TeamIND, SynerGE and Godlike trail the leaders in the top 10 but unfortunately, one team who aren’t having a great time are Orange Rock. The team are in 12th place, behind SouL who have only played 4 games, compared to OR’s 7. With more than 10 games remaining this week, there’s a lot to be played for and no one is in the safe zone yet as we keep following stories from PMPL South Asia. 

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