Reports Confirm That Brawlers Will Get A Direct Slot at PMPL

Shounak Sengupta
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A source confirmed that Indian team, Brawlers will get a direct slot at the South Asia PMPL, after many people raised doubts with the team’s absence from PMCO India. Brawlers were one of the star teams at PMCO Fall in 2019 and impressed everyone with their explosive play and aggressive style. However, the team was not a part of PMCO India this season and everyone was confused as to why that was the case. Some of the players from the team, who were asked were also not clear on what had happened, further leading to more doubt.

There was always a chance that this could have happened as among the 5 invited teams are INS and IND, both of whom are owned by the same management. Since the INS lineup is no more and teams from the same ownership are not allowed in the competition, it is likely that INS forfeited their slot and it went to Brawlers.

In fact, Brawlers too were a part of the Entity organization till last season but will have to leave if they want to be a part of PMPL, since Entity Gaming too have a direct slot in PMPL. But even then the decision might be controversial as Brawlers were not the next team in line to get a direct invite slot. If we are to go by the results of the PMCO Fall 2019 South Asia qualifiers, as has been the case, then the next in line will be Zero Degree Esports, or as they are now known as Marcos Gaming. 

Reports Confirm That Brawlers Will Get A Direct Slot at PMPL

Zero Degree or Marcos Gaming are the next team in line for a direct slot, according to the Fall 2019 results | Image via @PUBG Mobile India

However, the decision has not been made officially by PUBG Mobile India and hence we cannot confirm it with certainty. PUBG Mobile India were unavailable for a comment at this time. The concerned streamer also has now removed the VOD which confirms Brawlers' participation, which casts further doubt on the situation.  

Edit: Our earlier article mentioned the names of the content creators who revealed this information. Since then they have reached out to us saying that they would like to wait for the official announcement before making the announcement public. We respect their decision and have chosen to remove their names from the article. 

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