iFerg Shows MortaL and Friends That He is the The King of Call of Duty:Mobile

Shounak Sengupta
Published On: 23 Feb 2020, 01:35 PM

Cover and thumbnail via @Ferg

Call of Duty: Mobile's biggest content creator, iFerg recently shared a clip showing just how good he is at the game. While his legendary talents are quite astonishing, ranging from his 100 game ranked win streak to his number 1 spot on the leader boards, this clip showed him going to town on other content creators like MortaL, 8bit Thug and Bobby Plays in what can be described as a brilliant clutch play. 

MortaL is one of the leading names in the Mobile First-person Shooter (FPS) genre, having built a sizable following of nearly 4 million YouTube subscribers thanks to PUBG Mobile. He recently started playing Call of Duty: Mobile as well on his stream and has been seen enjoying the game and praising it quite a bit. However, he recently learnt, that unlike PUBG Mobile, he may not find it as easy to dominate in CODM. Playing with his usual gang of friends and MortaL and his team were left bewildered after the ace player pulled off a masterclass 1v4 on them, all while playing with a massive ping disadvantage.

But it was all in fun and jest and of course there is little doubt that iFerg is indeed one of, if not the best player in COD:M at the moment. Meanwhile, MortaL and his friends have only started playing the game on stream and have their pro PUBGM careers to focus on as well. Nonetheless, it was very cool to see some of the top content creators across titles come together for a fun time.

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