PMCO India Finals - Team Tamilas on Top as Hapless Fnatic Struggle at Halfway Mark

Shounak Sengupta
Published On: 22 Feb 2020, 04:00 PM

Cover and thumbnail via @NODWIN Gaming

Wild scenes at the PMCO India Finals, as one of the favorites, Team Fnatic have struggled to get going at the halftime mark in the competition. Meanwhile local teams, such as Team Tamilas were mighty impressive on day 1, reaching the top of the table, with just 6 games remaining to be played out.

Very surprisingly, the semifinal table toppers, Marcos Gaming also had a rough day out on the field,  and are currently in 7th place. Fnatic meanwhile managed a top 10 finish in just 3 out of the 6 games and are currently in 9th place. It is to be noted that only the top 9 teams will qualify for the South Asia Pro League. This means that the boys in Orange and Black will have to play their hearts out on day 2 and have very little room for error. Their performance is eerily reminiscent of the time that Fnatic had a disastrous showing at the PMCO Fall South Asia Qualifiers. 

Team Tamilias meanwhile, sit comfortably on top of the table having won one chicken dinner and having placed in the top 3, thrice and in the top 8 in all their games. With 115 points to their name, Team Tamilas have secured a very luxurious 30 point cushion between them and the next best team, Orange Rock.

Other than TT, Orange Rock, Marcos Gaming, Megastars, UMumba Rxn and Godlike were the other teams who managed to win maps and all of the teams are in the top 9 at the moment. However, there are just 9 points separating the teams in the 5th to the 9th position and those are margins that are something a team doesn’t want to deal with, especially when a qualification slot is on the line. 

PMCO India Finals - Team Tamilas on Top as Hapless Fnatic Struggle at Halfway Mark

TT, Orange Rock, Megastars and Godlike are the 4 teams who look to have built a solid foundation going into Day 2 | Image via @PUBG Mobile Esport

Writer’s Note: To not have Fnatic in the Pro League will be a major shock to PUBG Mobile fans across the world and that is what makes their performance more disappointing to see than other teams’. However, at the same time it’s really good to watch homegrown brands like Team Tamilas, 7Seas, MegaStars and others do well in the competition. It is possible that some teams had an off day, but the true test will be tomorrow as the teams have just 6 games remaining to decide whether they can make it to the Pro League or not.

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