Hilarious Scenes As Player Celebrates Early and Misses Out on Chicken Dinner in Official PMCO Match

Shounak Sengupta
Published On: 21 Feb 2020, 11:09 AM

Hilarious scenes ensued at the PMCO Middle East and North Africa group stages as a player made a costly mistake, that saw him start celebrations a bit too early and he was punished for it. The incident took place when teams from group A and C were playing on Miramar. 

The player known as Rehman playing for a team known as MEA Alpha from Lebanon found himself in the final circle against two other squads. After winning a fight against a team known as Jordinian Squad, Rehman thought he had won the game and started firing in the sky in celebration. Unfortunately, another team by the name of Executer were still very much alive although they were down to just one man. The remaining player wasted little time in finishing off a confused Rehman as both casters as well as the audiences were left stunned at what was happening.

Despite the error, Rehman and MEA Alpha are on top of the table. The group stages of the MENA PMCO are still underway with only half the games done. 

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