PMPL Thailand - Faze Start Things Off With a Bang

Shounak Sengupta
Published On: 

Cover and thumbnail via @PUBG Mobile Thailand

Bulshark and company showed that they are indeed worthy of the Faze jerseys, as they kicked off the 2020 campaign with a bang. The team is on top of the standings after day 1 of PMPL Thailand. While Power888 Gaming were the team who finished the day with 2 chicken dinners in 5 games, Faze managed to snag the top position, thanks to their consistency and superior kill points. 

Another team who were mighty impressive was Daytrade Gaming, finishing the day in third with one WWCD and with the highest kills. Team Secret too ended up in the top 5, thanks to a late flourish and looked relatively comfortable, finishing in the top 10 in all the games. Meanwhile, RRQ Athena despite their experience struggled to match the pace that some of the other teams brought to the table but the team is always slow to start, as we have seen many times in the past. 

Meanwhile, the squad formerly known as MEGA.Conqueror and now as MiTH finished in 6th. However, this is just day 1 of the first week of play and there’s plenty of action coming our way. A win in the first week will be a great morale booster for some of the new squads such as Team Secret and Faze and will send a strong message to the existing veterans. 

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