Anti Cheat Issues Forces PMCO India Leaders Mayhem To Forfeit Game

Shounak Sengupta
Published On: 

In an unfortunate incident last night, the current PMCO table toppers, Tearm Mayhem were forced to forfeit the last game after they were kicked from the lobby following issues with the Anti-Cheat software. While Mayhem have clarified their position on the same, there has been no word from the tournament organizers regarding the incident. 

The incident took place in the final map of the set between groups B and C, where Mayhem did not load into the map. The team have dominated the majority of their games and are the current table toppers, having won 4 chicken dinners over the course of 8 (or in their case, 7) games. All PMCO players are required to run an anti cheat app provided by Tencent during their matches and the rule dictates that the app must be working for at least 3 players at all times. Unfortunately for Mayhem, the app either stopped working or did not connect to the servers for two of their players, leading to them getting kicked from the lobby. 

Anti Cheat Issues Forces PMCO India Leaders Mayhem To Forfeit Game

One of Mayhem’s players, Cloak has confirmed that this was indeed the case and the team will indeed be playing their last set of matches, later today. Realistically, Mayhem have a big lead on the opposition and are practically guaranteed to finish in the top 24 from this point onwards. A statement from the Tournament organizers/Tencent is pending and will probably go out during today’s stream. 

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