Mayhem Ensues as We Reach Halfway mark at the PMCO India Group Stages

Mayhem Ensues as We Reach Halfway mark at the PMCO India Group Stages

Shounak Sengupta
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With 3 Days of action complete, it’s Mayhem who have dominated the games at the PMCO India Group Stages. While names like Orange Rock, Fnatic, Godlike and even Marcos were the ones expected to lead the charge, Mayhem are the ones who have absolutely crushed their competition, picking up 3 chicken dinners in just 4 games. 

Mayhem Shows the Way

The team who have dominated for the most part have been Mayhem. While the the team has only played in 4 maps unlike the teams in Groups A and D, they are still in 3rd place thanks to 3 chicken dinners. Despite losing both John and Vampire to Orange Rock, Mayhem continued their upward trend, building from a second place finish in PMAS into PMCO. Shadow has been an absolute monster, averaging more than 4 kills per game as Mayhem look poised to make it into the next stage rather easily. 

Fnatic consistent but unable to close it out 

One of the key teams to look out for has been Fnatic, whose win at PMAS 2019 marked an era of resurgence for the team. However, while the team has been largely consistent, both in terms of kills and placement, their inability to convert games into wins is going to be something that they need to work on. While Fnatic have found themselves in the final circle a multiple number of times, thanks to smart rotations and a fast pace, they have looked a little weak in the clutch gunfights. However, the good news is that Sc0utOP has been on a tear and is the current kill leader with 20 frags in 8 games along with Orange Rock’s Daljitsk. 

Orange Rock on Top at Halfway Mark

Orange Rock were the team who won the Group Stages at Fall 2019 and are currently the table toppers at the halfway mark. They managed to pick up three chicken dinners over the course of their 8 games and sit on the top with a 15 point lead. Much of their wins has been on the back of Mavi’s excellent leadership and Daljitsk’s raw firepower and the team are back on their way to regaining the title of one of the most feared teams in the country. 

While the group stages are really just a formality for some of the big teams, 8 teams will still be eliminated at the end of the stage. Names like Aztecs Esports and Celtz, who are relatively new to the scene have also been on the mark and are likely to make it through. 3 more days of action are left with groups B and C set to play 8 maps each while A and D have only 4 remaining. Stay tuned for more updates on all the action and drama from the PMCO. 

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