Supergirls and Olive Roster Drama at PMCO 2020 Clarification

Supergirls and Olive Roster Drama at PMCO 2020 Clarification

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In an unfortunate incident , the in-game leader of the only female team in the PUBG Mobile Club Open 2020 India Group stages refused to show up for the matches, leading to complaints from the a large portion of the PUBG Mobile India community. The team known as Supergirls, rightfully earned their slot in the PUBG Mobile Club Open through the Open Qualifiers but were unable to play to the best of their abilities once the group stages kicked off.

The team still took part in the games with only three players instead of four. They played in three out the four maps that took place between Groups C and D. It was Supergirls' IGL aka Mayuri "Olive" Singh who didn’t show up for the matches, choosing instead to switch off her phone and ignore her teammates' calls. She also deactivated her public social media profiles as well. One of the other players from the team, Tanisha, put up the following story which confirms the same. 

Supergirls and Olive Roster Drama at PMCO 2020 Clarification

Tanisha accused Olive of scamming the rest of the team as she was tasked with the responsibility of being the IGL and was supposed to help them with drops and rotations | Image via @tanishag18

Fortunately for Supergirls, they did register with five players which means that they will be able to continue with a replacement moving forward. Unfortunately though, the loss of their IGL will be a big one and the team will need to rethink their strategies and rotations in a very short amount of time. Olive’s decision to not only abandon her teammates, but stop all forms of communication with them is bizarre. There are reports that Olive was asked to not play in the PMCO by an Indian esports organization who she was supposed to stream for. However we have no confirmation of the same. 

Olive has confirmed via her Instagram that she had a family emergency and could not show up for the matches. She switched off her phone as she was dealing with a personal issue at the time. Furthermore, she also clarified that she had only joined the team a few days prior and was only meant to be a substitute player. She had also already mentioned to the other players that she would not be able to give her full time to the team and was assured that she would only be required in an emergency. She implies that the other players deliberately tried to call her out, when instead it was their other player, Shreya, who chose not to play and put the team in trouble in the first place. She posted screenshots of a WhatsApp conversation with Shreya as proof. 

Supergirls and Olive Roster Drama at PMCO 2020 Clarification

 Olive presents her side of the story and reveals that she was only contacted at the last minute and only agreed to join because she would be a substitute. | Image via awwlive_yt

Supergirls who were the only all female team in the PMCO, are now left with a severe handicap. However, their performance in the Open Qualifiers was extremely commendable and one can only hope that the girls are able to find some of that magic that got them here. Currently the team are in bottom place on the table, with four points, but have three more days of play.

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