Teams for PMCO South Asia and India Group Stages Revealed - Matches to Kick Off Later Today

Teams for PMCO South Asia and India Group Stages Revealed - Matches to Kick Off Later Today

Shounak Sengupta
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The list of teams for PMCO South Asia and PMCO India was finally revealed, less than 5 hours from the scheduled kick off of the group stages. PMCO will take place for India and South Asia separately and the full list of teams is finally available. The teams were selected via Open Qualifiers which were held in the earlier weeks and some teams were also invited based on their performance in the PMCO Fall Split 2019 Qualifiers. 

Teams have been divided into 4 groups for both India and South Asia. For India the groups are as follows:

Group A - Orange Rock, Marcos Gaming, JSLX, Aim Gaming, Team Elves, 7SeasEsports, ORB Elites, Celtz

Group B - Team Insane, UMumba Esports RXN, RIP Squad, Team Tamilas, Revenge Esports, Initiative, Fullpwr, Team Genocide 

Group C - Mayhem, Mega Stars, Icky Mafia, Super Girl, VSG Crawlers, Team GOX, Elmte Esports, Team Ecstacy

Group D - Fnatic, Team Fourier, Team Intense, Aztecs ESP, Team HYP, Team Minus 40, Livcraft Esports, Godlike

For South Asia the groups are as follows: 

Group A - Elementrix, Team SBA, PN Gaming, Team Vibes, BB ByeBye, Team Hype, Team Pyro, Jyaanmara

Group B - Nepali Ho Ni, 1971 Gladiator, KS Axe, Jazeera, Solti Squad, A1 Esports, WGX No Rules, KTM Rage

Group C - Trust D Process, Rivals X, TM Official, Red Light, Team Extreme, Deadeyes Guy, MadG, Team T2K

Group D - Damn Classy, Wolves Den, DFRIO, Rising Palx, INES, Team 7Sea, R3D Devils, Ultimate Bang

Format - While there has been no confirmation of the same, the format will likely be the same as the one used in the PMCO South Asia Qualifiers for the Fall Split. This means, each group will play every other group across 4 maps. The top 24 teams from both India and South Asia will advance to the respective semifinal stage at the end of 24 matches. 

Games will kick off at 6:00 PM IST from the 7th of February and will be streamed live on YouTube and Facebook.

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