Tempo Storm PUBG Mobile Manager Embroiled in Controversy after Banning Team from Scrims

Shounak Sengupta
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The NA PUBG Mobile community was embroiled in controversy after Tempo Storm’s manager, Monica took a decision to ban a team for not taking scrims seriously. Many called out the manager for abusing her power and position while others stood in her defence, dividing the NA PUBG Mobile community into two halves. 

The incident took place earlier this week when Boosted Esports decided to contest Tempo Storm by landing with them in Pochinki during a scrim. The scrim was hosted by Tempo Storm’s manager Monica, who is a popular community member in the NA scene and is known for hosting tier 1 scrims. After the game, the team was contacted by Monica via discord and informed that they had been banned from the scrim for landing with Tempo Storm. 

Tempo Storm PUBG Mobile Manager Embroiled in Controversy after Banning Team from Scrims

Boosted Gaming took to Twitter to express their dissatisfaction with the incident calling it an abuse of power and challenging the concept of dedicated landing spots in a game of PUBG. They found support in many members of the community, including former Tempo captain, Niko. 

Meanwhile, Monica too put out a statement, explaining her side of things. According to her, the decision was taken because her perspective was that Boosted were only doing it only to hurt Tempo's chances and not taking the scrim seriously. In fact, she mentions that such an incident had happened previously as well but Boosted's manager had assured her that it won't happen again. According to Monica, Boosted's actions hurt the competitive integrity of the scrims and was done with no intention of progressing but rather hampering another team. The full statement can be found here.

Over the course of the last two days, the discussion has gone back and forth but as it stands, Boosted were offered back their Tier 1 spot but declined. Yesterday, Tempo Storm also put out a statement to clarify their position on the incident. 

Writer's Note: The situation is a tricky one as Tier 1 scrims have a lot of unsaid rules and understanding between the teams which make it possible for teams to practice and get better. While I understand where and why Tempo's management are coming from, it certainly seems to be a harsh decision to take. The NA PUBGM Community are also debating and discussing the issues and a good solution seems to be allowing third party organizers conduct the scrims to allow for unbiased decisions and judgments. 

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