Fnatic to Begin Bootcamp in Mumbai from 27th

Fnatic to Begin Bootcamp in Mumbai from 27th

Shounak Sengupta
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Preparations for the upcoming competitive season are on in full swing and Fnatic are set to begin their bootcamp from tomorrow. The team will kick off their 1 month long bootcamp in Mumbai, starting tomorrow, as announced on stream by their coach, Pratik ‘Aurum’ Mehra. 

Fnatic are set to play in multiple online and tournaments and scrims in the coming weeks, but of course their main focus will be qualifying for the South Asia Pro League via PMCO. While we don’t have a complete understanding of what their schedule is and when their journey will start, it is likely that Fnatic get a direct invite to the group stages of the South Asia PMCO. There is also a small possibility of them being invited directly to the PMPL . SouL, SynerGE, Team IND, Team INS and Entity Gaming are the only 5 teams who have been directly invited to the South Asia PMPL till now. 

Fnatic may have won PMAS at the end of 2019, but it will be hard to forget their poor run at the PMCO Fall South Asia Qualifiers earlier. With such a big brand and players of such high stature involved, the expectations and the pressure are always very high. The team has also begun to have some internal issues with communications, as has been evident in scrims and streams. The bootcamp will also help in helping them prepare for international competitions, where South Asian teams have consistently failed to get good results. Hopefully, the bootcamp will be effective in helping the team improve their performances and elevate their gameplay to the next level

Organizations like Entity Gaming and SynerGE already have permanent bootcamps in Mumbai for their various divisions, while internationally, teams are known to bootcamp for a month or so prior to big tournaments. Fnatic have also announced plans for a permanent India facility, but that is in its very early stages at the moment.  

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