Faze Clan Announces Entry Into PUBG Mobile With an All Thai Roster

Faze Clan Announces Entry Into PUBG Mobile With an All Thai Roster

Shounak Sengupta
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  • Faze Clan has picked up Thai roster consisting of Bulshark and company
  • Announcement comes after Tencent announced a comprehensive esports structure for 2020
  • Faze Clan is the third tier 1 org after Cloud 9 and Fnatic to pick up a PUBGM team

One of the biggest North American brands has entered the PUBG Mobile esports ecosystem and it is none other than Faze Clan. The announcement of a well defined PUBG Mobile esports structure along with commitments of prize money by Tencent has seen the title become one that a lot of organizations are looking to get into. Faze Clan have chosen to pick up a Thai squad who were previously playing under the EVOS banner with a tag called EVOS Burnout. 

The names in the roster include some very recognizable ones such as Bulshark, Echo, Maroon 5 and Vintorez. The choice of a Thai team understandable as Thailand has a dedicated PUBG Mobile Pro League for the country, as announced earlier. However, with names like MiTH, Illuminate and RRQ Athena all playing from Thailand, it does mean that it is going to be the most stacked PMPL among all the regions. 

Faze Clan is one of the first few tier one organizations to enter the ecosystem with names like Cloud9, Fnatic already having acquired rosters. Faze Clan aren't the only ones who had their eyes on PUBG Mobile as the word on the street is that a few more globally renowned organizations are looking to get into the ecosystem in the coming weeks and talks with players are currently ongoing. 

Faze Clan PUBG Mobile Roster: 

Maroon 5




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