PMCO, PMPL and PMWL Spring 2020 Details, Registration and Dates Announced

PMCO, PMPL and PMWL Spring 2020 Details, Registration and Dates Announced

Shounak Sengupta
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After their much awaited announcement of the plans for PUBG Mobile Esports at the PMCO Fall Championship in 2019, PUBG Mobile has revealed the details for the first phase of competitions. The announcement has a lot of details and information, so we'll get started. 


Registration for PMCO Spring Split 2020: 3rd Jan to 21st Jan

PMCO Spring Split Qualification: 23rd Jan to 2nd Feb

PMCO Spring Group Stages and Semifinals: February

PMCO Spring Regional Finals: March

PMPL Americas and South Asia: March/April

PMWL Season 1: May/June 

Key Differences from 2019

  • PMCO will no longer be the premier competition for PUBG Mobile. Instead, it will become a gateway to the PUBG Mobile World League (PMWL), which will now be the biggest event in the calendar. 
  • The PMCO will now be actually treated as an open tournament which will be open to participants from any category. Unlike 2019, PMCO won't have a Final main event, but rather it will have multiple Regional Finals. However it is possible that some teams are directly invited to the PMCO. 
  • Teams who make it to the Regional Finals of the PMCO will be directly invited in the next iteration of the competition.  
  • Other than the PMCO, the PUBG Mobile Professional League or PMPL will also be part of the circuit in certain regions. Top teams from the PMCO will be promoted to the PMPL.
  • The PMPL will already consist of some teams who have been directly invited. Obviously this means that these teams can forego the PMCO Stage. 
  • Top teams from the PMCO and PMPL will then qualify for the PMWL

Regions and Regional Differences

Since all Regions won't have the PMPL, they will have to qualify directly via the PMCO. We will talk about the identified regions and the differences in this section. The PMCO will the base level competition for all countries. 

Americas - PMCO LATAM, PMCO NA, PMCO Brazil

Europe - PMCO Germany, PMCO Europe, PMCO, Turkey, PMCO CIS

MENA - PMCO Iraq, PMCO Saudi Arabia, PMCO Middle East and Africa

South Asia - PMCO Pakistan, PMCO India, PMCO South Asia

Wildcard - PMCO Wildcard, PMCO SEA Wildcard

The full list of which country comes under which region can be found here

Only Americas and South Asia will have PMPL. For the other regions, the top teams from the PMCO will directly qualify for the PMWL. For Americas and South Asia, the top teams from individual regional PMCOs will qualify for the respective PMPLs (PMPL Americas and PMPL South Asia). 

The SEA region is largely missing because the details for those countries will be revealed later. It has already been announced that the PMPL will also run for Thailand, Vietnam, Malaysia and Indonesia. Other than SEA, details for countries such as Japan, South Korea and even China is yet to be revealed. It is likely that these regions will have their own individual events and get direct slots at the World League Finals. 

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