MiTH signs MEGA.Conqueror PUBGM Roster

MiTH signs MEGA.Conqueror PUBGM Roster

Shounak Sengupta
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With eyes on the PUBG Mobile Esports scene in 2020, Thai organization, MiTH or Made in Thailand have announced that they have signed the former MEGA.Conqueror roster. MEGA too have announced that they are parting ways with the team as their contracts have expired. 

The team is one of the best in SEA and Thailand and have been consistently been able to prove themselves at the top level. The team placed 3rd in both the SEA League and the SEA Championship in the run up to PMCO Fall. At the main event, they had to play in the Prelims first and they dominated the stage, taking first place. In the grand finals, MEGA took a respectable third place finish after 3 days of play. More recently, in the PEC, the team finished in 6th place. During their time with MEGA, the team has managed to win roughly 100K USD and have established themselves as the best Thai team, beating out the likes of Illuminate and RRQ Athena. 

MiTH signs MEGA.Conqueror PUBGM Roster

MEGA are one of if not the top Thai team at the moment | Image via @PUBG Mobile

MiTH PUBG Mobile:





MiTH as an organization are quite well established in SEA and have fielded rosters in Dota 2, CS:GO and PUBG PC in the past. With the popularity of PUBG Mobile and the announcement from Tencent regarding the Pro League, World League and PMCOs in 2020 has sparked interests from many top tier organizations.

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