Clutchgod to join Entity Gaming, Ghatak will continue as substitute

Shounak Sengupta
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Cover and thumbnail sourced via @clutchgod_pubg,@ghaatak_gaming

In yet another roster move made in India, Vivek 'Clutchgod' Abhas has been confirmed to have join Entity Gaming. Following the PMCO Fall 2019 main event, where Entity Gaming placed 5th and SouL ended in 12th place, Clutchgod went back to his former team, 8bit Revenge. He played with the team in the PUBG Mobile All Stars tournament, where they finished in 10th place. However, it seems as if the player will be joining Entity now, for the foreseeable future.

According to Entity Gaming's current IGL, Ghatak, Clutchgod will take over as IGL while he himself will be a 5th player for the team. The move is indeed surprising as Ghatak is known as one of the best IGL's of India and has led the country to two top 5 finishes internationally, something no other team has managed to do yet. While as a roster move, the announcement is a bit of a shocker, we have to consider the fact that organizations are trying to be in the best of shapes, going into 2020. With Tencent and PUBG Mobile announcing big plans for the next year, there is already speculation that more tier 1 teams will try and pickup rosters in the near future to try and get in on the action. India has been touted as one of the go to destinations for the title, due to the game's popularity in the region and there are rumors that some of the big organizations are looking for rosters to pick up. With the registrations for the new season starting as early as January of 2020, it will be interesting to see how teams and players are able to adjust to their new line ups. 

The roster move was confirmed through Ghatak's Instagram account.

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