PEC 2019 - Chinese teams dominate on Day 1 as Indian Teams Struggle to Get Going

Shounak Sengupta
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It seems as if Chinese teams are still way ahead of the curve, when compared to the rest of the world, in PUBG Mobile. Day 1 of the Peacekeeper Elite Championship saw 4 games being played out, with each of the three Chinese squads, coming out ahead in one of the maps. As a result, all the three teams occupy the top three slots on the leaderboard. Meanwhile, teams from other regions struggled, especially the three teams from India, and currently occupy the bottom half of the table.

PEC 2019 - Chinese teams dominate on Day 1 as Indian Teams Struggle to Get Going

3 Chinese teams occupy the top three spots at the end of Day 1 | Image via @VSPN

4AM, XQF and DKG raise the China Flag High

It wasn't hard to see that the Chinese teams were on a different level as they ploughed through the competition with the precision of a surgeon. Each of the three Chinese teams at the event were able to secure one chicken dinner each with table toppers, 4AM picking up 54 kills over the course of just 4 maps. It was quite impressive to watch the Chinese teams carry about their game plans as it became very clear that they were head and shoulders above the rest. 

NA's Cloud 9 impresses on Day 1 

The only non-Chinese team to win a WWCD was Cloud 9. The squad from NA had a good day out on the field, and while they averaged only 4 kills per match, the team finished in the top 3 in all 4 games. Because of this, they occupy the fourth position on the table, followed by another NA team, Tempo Storm. 

Indian Teams Fail to Impress

Star studded Indian rosters such as Fnatic and SouL had a torrid outing on the first day. Both SouL and Fnatic managed to only secure just 1 kill over 4 maps. Fnatic are in 13th place while are in 15th or last place.  SynerGE had a easier time, but they too ended in 8th place with 11 kills on the day.

With 4 maps remaining on Day 2, things are looking increasingly tough for the likes of Fnatic and SouL. At this point, both teams should be looking to be finishing in the upper half of the table as getting into the top 3 seems quite hard, judging by how things have gone. Chinese teams will look to solidify their lead, with teams from NA and SEA yapping at their heels as we head into the final day of the competition tomorrow. 

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