India struggles on Day 1 of PMSC World Cup while Nepal get the dinner

Shounak Sengupta
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India’s Entity Gaming (ETG) struggled in its opening two games at the PMSC World Cup 2019 in Riyadh and is currently in danger of not making it into the main event. The team is in Group B with the rest of the international teams and will need to be in the top eight after four games are played out to be able to move on to the main event. 

The short format allows for very few mistakes and ETG finished in 15th and 12th in the opening two games on Erangel and Vikendi. They are currently in 13th place. But there is still hope as a good performance on Day 2 can see them rise quickly as the points gap is not too hard to overcome. A single chicken dinner should be enough to send any team through as only 4 games will be played out in the group stages. 

India struggles on Day 1 of PMSC World Cup while Nepal get the dinner

Meanwhile, Nepal’s Elementrix has managed to perform really well, picking up a chicken dinner in the opening game on Erangel. They are currently in 3rd place on the table and should be able to go through to the next stage just by being consistent. Thailand’s RRQ Athena sit in first having finished second on both maps, with an impressive 18 kill tally in just two games. Argentina’s Team Queso won the chicken dinner on Vikendi and occupies the second position on the table. 

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