20-year old Dies after Accidentally Drinking Chemical instead of Water while Playing PUBG Mobile

Shounak Sengupta
Published On: 

Cover and thumbnail via @PUBG Mobile

A 20-year old man, accidentally drank a chemical instead of water while playing PUBG on his phone leading to his premature death. The deceased, who has been identified as Saurabh Yadav, was travelling via train and was engrossed in playing the popular game on his phone. During this time, he accidentally took out a bottle of chemical, which he had with him from his bag, thinking it was water, and drank it. His friend, Santosh Sharma was with him at the time, and two work in an ornament polishing business. 

The chemical in their bag was one used to polish jewelry. Yadav’s health quickly deteriorated and he collapsed before the train could reach the railway station. The incident helps build a case against PUBG addiction that has been a growing concern in the country, with calls to ban it in many states. However, while we may be quick to blame the videogame for the incident, the human error element cannot be ignored in this case. Nonetheless, it is still a very unfortunate incident and we do hope that players are more responsible while playing games in the future. The publishers too have been calling for more responsibility from the players with incidents such as these on the rise. 

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