PUBG Mobile has been downloaded over 600 Million times

PUBG Mobile has been downloaded over 600 Million times

Shounak Sengupta
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PUBG Mobile has now officially been downloaded over 600 Million times across all platforms according to an announcement made during a presentation at the recently concluded PMCO Fall Championship. This makes it one of the most downloaded among esport titles in the mobile category. While exact numbers are not yet out, it’s closest competitor at this point is Garena: Free Fire, another mobile shooter and battle royale title. 

In May/June of 2019, the PUBG Mobile was averaging more than a 100 Million active users monthly and had become the highest grossing mobile game in the world. However, with Tencent launching a new skinned version called Game for Peace in China to work with local laws, the numbers for PUBG Mobile has actually come down because of internal competition. In August of 2019, the game was averaging 20-30 Million monthly active users in India and 13 Million daily active users. This effectively means that India is the region with the most players, almost one-fourth the total player base, which also is a widely known fact. 

While the game’s popularity and player base is expected to stabilize over time, the developers have pushed out updates, patches, new content and monthly events as well as game modes to keep the existing players engaged. Additionally they have focused on developing their esports ecosystem with the latest announcement pledging 5 million USD to the esports prize pool in 2020. They have also outlined a detailed structure and road map for the same. 

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