Bigetron Crowned PMCO Fall 2019 Champions; Entity Gaming Finish in Top 5

Shounak Sengupta
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If you had any doubt over who the best team in the world is, Bigetron Esports should have made it quite clear as they took down the best teams in the world, to lift home the Fall Championship 2019 trophy. While they were always regarded as strong competitors, the sheer scale of Bigetron’s victory and the point gap by which they won seems quite surprising, given the level of competition, the platform and the stakes. The team from Indonesia, finished with a 106 point lead, which, to put into context, is the total points accumulated by the 11th placed team. 

China Returns to Show that They are Still one of the Top Regions in the world 

Bigetron’s win in the Fall Championship is reminiscent of TOP Esports’ victory back in the Spring Championship. Both teams won the tournament after having qualified via the Prelims stage. In fact, both the teams didn’t top the table in the Prelims stage, but showed up in full force at the main event to claim the win. TOP Esports, who returned to Malaysia to defend their title, finished in second place. In all likeliness, it will be the last time we see teams from China take part in PUBG Mobile events as the region will be focusing on the spin off version, Peacekeeper Elite. 

Bigetron Crowned PMCO Fall 2019 Champions; Entity Gaming Finish in Top 5

TOP Esports may not have been able to defend their title, but they still took second place

Opposite Fates for the Two Indian Teams 

Thailand’s MEGA Conqueror, who were one of the dominant teams in the SEA region this season finished in third place, edging out fellow countrymen, Illuminate by a single point. It was a also a decent showing from South Asia’s Entity Gaming, who were the only team to finish in the top 5 without a single chicken dinner. The other South Asian team, SouL, had a torrid time as they finished in 12th place. However, they were the only team, in the bottom half of the table who had managed to win a chicken dinner. 

Bigetron Crowned PMCO Fall 2019 Champions; Entity Gaming Finish in Top 5

SouL may have gotten themselves a WWCD, but it was still a disappointing performance overall

South America Falters on the Last Day

South America’s Team Queso had been looking good in the first 2 days but they hit a rough patch on day 3, being one of the first three teams eliminated in the last 4 games. They finished in 6th place.  Thailand’s RRQ Athena, Cambodia’s Orange Esports, Europe’s Team Unique and NA’s Cloud 9 round up the list for the top 10. 

For their finals placing and chicken dinner wins, each team will receive the following amount as prize money:

Bigetron Esports - 205K USD 

TOP Esports - 105K USD

MEGA.COnqueror - 55K USD 

Illuminate - 38K USD

Entity Gaming - 12K USD

Team Queso - 13K USD

RRQ Athena - 8K USD

Orange Esports - 10K USD

Team Unique - 5K USD

Cloud 9 - 4K USD

Yoodo Gank - 4K USD

Team SouL - 8K USD

Unicorn Gaming - 3K USD

All Rejection Gaming  - 2K USD

EGC KR Black - 2K USD 

Kurd Squad - 2K USD 

Bigetron Crowned PMCO Fall 2019 Champions; Entity Gaming Finish in Top 5

Bigetron's 106 point lead at the end of 16 games shows just how good the team is

A hearty congratulations to Bigetron Esports for what can be perceived as one of the most dominating performances in the history of competitive PUBG Mobile. It isn’t the end of the road for any of the teams as they will have a chance to bounce back stronger next year. In fact, there are a few tournaments left this year as well, which we will cover in the upcoming weeks. 

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