Top 5 Stories From Day 2 of the PMCO Fall Championship 2019

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The first day of the Fall Championship may have been close, but day 2 was the complete opposite as one of the teams ran away with the competition after a dominating performance. This puts in us in quite an anticlimactic situation going into day 3, as now most of the other teams have no realistic way of catching up, unless things change drastically. Here are our top 5 stories for the day:

Bigetron’s Day 2 masterclass puts them in a near unlosable situation

Indonesia’s Bigetron Esports finished day 1 on top of the table, with a small lead. But as the dust settles on day 2, the team has taken such a huge lead, that realistically no other team might be able to catch up to them. The team won 3 consecutive games on Miramar, Erangel and Vikendi along with 2 second place finishes on Sanhok and Erangel. This gives them an 83 point lead over the second placed team, with only 6 maps left to be played out. 

The twin brothers Zuxxy and Luxxy lead the way in terms of kills, with 27 each as their team has now racked up 80 kills in 10 matches. The next closest is MEGA.Conqueror with 52. The way the team have been playing, balancing out their aggression with smart rotations and an overall fast pace to their game has been simply phenomenal to watch. They have been head and shoulders above the rest of the competition and it’s hard to imagine a scenario in which Bigetron lost the competition from here on out. 

China Wakes up From Slumber to Punish the Opposition

The defending team, TOP Esports maybe the only Chinese team in the competition, but it didn’t stop them from making sure that their region is well represented. Of the 6 games played out on day 2, Bigetron may have won 3, but the Chinese side also put in a good performance to win out two games on Sanhok and Erangel. Their day 1 performance may not have been something to write home about, but the team has now moved up to the second position on the table.

Top 5 Stories From Day 2 of the PMCO Fall Championship 2019

Indian Teams Fall Flat on Day 2 

While Entity Gaming’s performance may have been commendable on day 1, the team failed to get the ball rolling on the second day. They were unable to bring out the same level of consistency as they displayed earlier and have slipped to the 5th position, more than a 100 points away from the table toppers. 

Elsewhere, Team Soul continue to struggle and have fallen further down to 13th place at the end of day 2. With only 17 kills in 10 matches, Soul’s passive play style and toothless display has been less than impressive to watch. They continue to play center circle for the most part and often become one of the first teams to fall as the team has been unable to muster up any sort of a defense in a pressure situation.

RRQ Athena still struggling to kick things off

One of the huge favorites going into the tournament were RRQ Athena, the Thai team who were the number 1 seed from the SEA Qualifiers. However, the side has struggled to bring home a chicken dinner and have only finished in the top 5 on two occasions. It’s unusual to see a  team with such star power have so many difficulties and the team are currently in 8th place. 

Top 5 Stories From Day 2 of the PMCO Fall Championship 2019

South America continues to impress 

Team Queso are the only team representing the region, but were able to hold their own despite having slipped from 2nd position to third at the end of day 2. Their play style was entertaining and energetic and the team pulled out a wild tactic to wipe out Yoodo Gank with vehicles in the final circle of map number 7. While they eventually finished in second place, it’s impressive that a team from a  region with no LANs and much lesser support has been doing so well at such a large stage. 

Top 5 Stories From Day 2 of the PMCO Fall Championship 2019

Day 3 of the Fall Championship will determine who the champions are and which team gets to lift the trophy. Stay tuned for more updates and coverage from the PMCO Fall Championship. 

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