Free Fire Pro League Season 3 Finals Saw Over 1 Million concurrent viewers

Free Fire Pro League Season 3 Finals Saw Over 1 Million concurrent viewers

Shounak Sengupta
Published On: 

If you thought PUBG Mobile was the biggest shooter title in the mobile gaming space, you might be in for a shock as the recently concluded Free Fire Pro League saw over 1 million concurrent viewers on the stream during the finals. The Season 3 finals of the Brazilian tournament was streamed on YouTube on the 9th of November and was the last leg of the tournament which will see the winners represent the region at the upcoming Free Fire World Cup. 

Corinthians were declared as the champions after 8 maps while LOUD came in second place. Both teams will represent Brazil at the Free Fire World Series, which will kick off on the 16th of November. The Season 3 Finals featured 12 teams who qualified via the group stages. The VOD of the finals is currently available on YouTube and has over 13 M views. The peak viewership according to is over 1 Million. The average viewership was just short of the 250K mark.

In comparison, on the same weekend, IEM Beijing saw a peak viewership of 166K and an average of 63K. The Rainbow Six Season 10 Pro League finals saw a peak of 92K and an average of 62K viewers. In mobile esports, the PMCO South Asia finals peaked at 250K viewers with an average of 63K. In fact, the only esports event which managed to pip the Free Fire Pro League Season 3 was the League of Legends 2019 World Championships. The tournament broke all expectations with a near 4M peak and an average of over 1M viewers across all platforms and streams.

While it was indeed a big weekend across esports, the numbers that the Free Fire Pro League managed to put up, are indeed a sign of how big mobile titles have become in certain regions. The upcoming Free Fire World Series is the biggest event for the title in the calendar year and will have viewers tuning in from other regions as well. Will this be the biggest tournament for mobile esports as far as viewership is concerned?

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