PMCO Fall South Asia Finals - Fnatic and SouL Off to a Better Start on Day 2

PMCO Fall South Asia Finals - Fnatic and SouL Off to a Better Start on Day 2

Shounak Sengupta
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Day 1 of the PMCO Fall South Asia qualifiers saw Entity Gaming dominate the competition with 2 chicken dinners and 50 frags which allowed them to establish a 46 point lead at the top. However, other fan favorites such as SouL and Fnatic both struggled to get off the block quickly. What was indeed a slow day for both the teams ended with them sitting in the middle of the pack and needing to prove to themselves and their fans that they could get things done on day 2.

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Fnatic especially, with the amount of firepower and experience they boast, had a tough start and were unwilling to commit to fights despite being known for being good aimers. The team struggled on Erangel more than any other map, which was even scarier as it will be the most played map of the final stage. 

However, on day 2, the team started off much better and managed to pick up 8 frags along with a third place finish. It was not just the result, but the manner in which Fnatic played which should give their fans confidence as the team were aggressive and tried to play at a much faster pace. Their players set up good crossfires and coordinated rushes to allow the team to get frags. Sc0utop, who had a tough day on the field on day 1, also was able to display some individual brilliance, winning a crucial 1v2 against Nepali Ho Ni, that allowed them to stay in the game. 

SouL meanwhile, finished in 5th place along with 6 kills picking up some good kills. They also showed much better teamwork than yesterday, with Viper providing overwatch while young stars Regaltos and Clutchgod were allowed to be a bit more free. 

Entity Gaming continued their good run, finishing in 4th place with 6 kills with star fragger, Jonathan, continuing to be dominant in firefights. If ETG are able to have 2-3 good maps today as well, they will secure themselves a good cushion to at least be in the top 5.

Nepal’s Elementrix were the winners on map 1 with 10 kills and moved up to the third spot on the table. RiP official held their ground, especially in the later stages of the map and finished in second with 8 kills to their name. They continue to maintain their second place position in the overall leaderboards.  

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